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"Apotheosis of Michael Jackson"

Updated on June 9, 2011
"Apotheosis of Homer" by Ingres
"Apotheosis of Homer" by Ingres | Source
Chris Brown (left), Usher (right)
Chris Brown (left), Usher (right)
Lady Gaga (left), Michael Jackson (right)
Lady Gaga (left), Michael Jackson (right)

Homer vs Michael Jackson

by Bianca C. Tate

June 9, 2011

Homer is known as the best epic poet from the Ancient Greek. His best works was "Iliad" and "Odyssey". Ingres’ painting, “Apotheosis of Homer” illustrates that all the great notables throughout history have Homer to thank for their inspiration. The notables are surrounding Homer with honor and gifts giving thanks to his genius and making a way for them to be successful themselves. If this painting was painted today, I would place Michael Jackson in Homer’s spot. Michael Jackson defined MTV, music, music videos, dance moves and performance and set the standards for many to come.

The top notables that will surround the King of Pop would be Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake. All three of these performers mimic MJ’s dance moves and style. He has also influence Rihanna. Rihanna, among many others, sampled one of Michael Jackson’s songs in her hit “Please Don’t Stop the Music.” And last but not least, Lady Gaga follows in Michael Jackson’s footsteps. Lady Gaga is very theatrical when it comes to her music and her performances; much like MJ was when he was alive.

By the way, if you notice in the painting,“Apotheosis of Homer,” Iliad and Odyssey are sitting at Homer’s feet. Iliad and Odyssey are two works of Homer depicted as women who ironically look mad at each other in Ingres’ painting. In my painting, "Billie Jean" and "Dirty Diana" (two songs by Michael Jackson) will be at the King of Pop’s feet.

Michael Jackson influenced generations of performers during his 40 year career. And even after his death, his legacy lives on.



Video: Music Artists Discuss MJ's Inspiration


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    • bwstar2 profile image

      Bianca C Tate 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Thanks! I love Michael :-)

    • Literature Fairy profile image

      Holly Jackson 6 years ago from England, UK.

      I'm a big Michael Jackson fan! Great hub, Intelligent and intensley well written, well done! LF x