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Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 5

Updated on July 13, 2009

 O'Connor was transferred to the magnificent beach house, but there were many aspects of those two weeks as a "guest" that puzzled him. Everything about that place seemed dichotomous. The house was filled with high-tech devices, but none of them were activated with the exception of a sound system restricted to a Jacksons-only playlist. The food was unfamiliar, but delicious.

He met only a few people and they were all there to serve him, but also there to ensure that he didn’t leave the premises. They were all overwhelmingly friendly, courteous, well-educated and polite, but resisted speaking about anything but his comfort and evangelizing about "The Archangel."

They weren’t the brainwashed cult zombies he had expected, but something still bothered him. He was after all a reporter and there was still a lot to this story that he didn’t know. And he still wondered if even after all this, his legless torso would end up washed ashore on some beach next week.

On the morning of January 8th, the "servants" at the beach house seemed even bubblier than usual. They announced with a joy approaching bliss that The Mwinyi was coming to see O'Connor at noon. He had expected to meet the Island’s ruler at some palatial pleasure palace, and was again quite surprised that he was coming to meet him.

The Mwinyi pulled up in yet another Chryslectric Charger, effectively undistinguishable from all the other cars on the Island. His driver opened the back passenger side door and The Mwinyi stepped out into the Caribbean sunshine. Rotund, with a friendly smile, unimposing disposition, and much shorter than O'Connor had imagined him. He wore the same tropical casual clothes everyone else did. If O'Connor hadn’t been warned it was The Mwinyi, he would have thought he was just another beach house staffer.

When The Mwinyi entered the house, O'Connor had expected displays of deference from the staff, but they all greeted him normally, with the standard "Heal the World." No averted eyes, bowing or anything else unusual. However, O'Connor did note that the staff was virtually giddy from the joy of seeing The Mwinyi.

O'Connor was sitting near the corner of the side patio and rose when The Mwinyi approached him. "Heal the World," The Mwinyi greeted him. "Heal the World," O'Connor replied out of courtesy.

The Mwinyi spoke calmly and reassuringly, asking him quite a few questions about how he felt and how he had been treated. O'Connor replied that since his unpleasant encounter with his security forces’ nightstick, he had been treated with great care and respect. The Mwinyi seemed genuinely concerned and apologized profusely for the violent action, repeating the Advocate General’s claim that they feared he was a saboteur.

They spoke for a while longer about O'Connor’s condition and comfort, but the soon the reporter surfaced and he asked bluntly "Mr. Ayanbadejo, with all due respect and appreciation for your care, what’s going on here?"

The Mwinyi did not seem at all offended by O'Connor’s bluntness. He smiled and replied in his soft, measured tone "Love, Mr. O'Connor. The world’s last bastion of love."

Continued In Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 6

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