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Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 6

Updated on July 13, 2009

 A week later, The Mwinyi arranged to meet O'Connor at a home near the summit of Mount Privacy. This would be the first time O'Connor had left the beach house in almost a month. The Charger was driven by a slight man with a broad smile and incurable enthusiasm. He pointed out all the features along the way as if this was a sightseeing tour.

From the beach house just south of Michaeltown, they took the MJJ Highway beside Human Nature Hill, through HIStory Town, a typically nondescript but impeccably manicured village, then through New Neverland, which was a virtual clone of the other town. They entered The Archangel, and the largest town on the Island looked much as it did that stormswept day from the hill: Rows of clean, fresh buildings, surprisingly few stores, no industry, lots of billboards exhorting some "Archangel" nonsense or other, not a single piece of litter and showroom-condition 2014 Chryslectric Four Wheel Drive Chargers everywhere.

He expected to see more people on the street, but the ones that were out and about were all dressed in the same tropical casual as everyone else. It seemed as if it were customary to greet everyone passed on the street with a "Heal the World." Most of the children seemed to be mulatto. It really didn’t "Matter If You’re Black Or White…"

Through the centre of The Archangel, they turned right onto Jermaine Road, past the intersection with the four-lane Archangel Highway and out through World Quarter, beside Heartbreaker Hill, along a marsh flat and then to the village of Little Susie Hill where they turned onto Randy Road and up to Mount Privacy. 

The house near the summit where they stopped was not too different from any other house on the Island. If it was The Mwinyi’s residence, it was certainly not any more luxurious than any other home. The driver opened the rear door and let O'Connor out. He led him into the house, where The Mwinyi was seated on the far verandah, overlooking a plain to the northwest with a nuclear powerplant dome clearly visible in the distance.

The Mwinyi greeted him warmly and O'Connor sat to his right, overlooking the nuclear powerplant. An uniformed member of the house staff brought two tall frosty glasses of delicious iced freshly-squeezed limeade. With a bow, the server placed one glass in front of The Mwinyi and another in front of the reporter. O'Connor sipped from his drink as he began to ask The Mwinyi the questions that the world had wanted answered for well over a decade.

"Mr. Ayanbadejo," O'Connor began, hitting the on button of his Apple iComm to record the conversation. "Can you explain why you and your followers believe that Michael Jackson was an Archangel?"

"Of course," The Mwinyi settled back in his chair as he realized this would not be a short chat. "The Archangel was the revelation of the Savior of many world religions. Not only does the Judeo-Christian tradition call for a Messiah to mark the end times and restore humanity to righteousness, but also various other theologies as well. The Archangel was and continues to be that Savior, the man who did God's work on this Earth."

"So what you're saying is that Michael Jackson was the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?" O'Connor asked incredulously.

"Not just of Jesus Christ, but of all religions. The Archangel is just as much the Savior of Judeo-Christianity as he is for Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, all human faiths. All of the people on Earth can find their way to the true God through the life of The Archangel. God is love and The Archangel is love. He was the one who was placed upon this mortal plane to show the world that love is the answer and that children are the future. Children must be cherished and honored, as they are here on His Island."

Continued In Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 7

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