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Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 7

Updated on July 13, 2009

 "What of the claims of child molestation which plagued him in his latter days?" O'Connor queried The Mwinyi.

"None were ever proven," The Mwinyi stated matter of factly. "Of course The Archangel slept with children. He loved children and he took them into his life and into His bed. But He never had any sexual activity of any kind with those or any children. His sleepovers were as innocent as any that would be conducted by children: They played together, and they slept together. You could no more accuse The Archangel of lechery than you could any 8 year old child at a sleepover."

"But Mr. Jackson was an adult during these 'sleepovers'," O'Connor asked pointedly.

"The Archangel cannot be judged by our mortal human precepts," The Mwinyi's tone never varied. It was always calm, tranquil, and committed. "He transcended humanity and to levy charges that The Archangel was a pedophile is equivalent to accusing Mohammed of the same crime when he married Aisha when she was nine years old. They were both not of this world, and thus not subject to our petty laws and narrow viewpoints. Who are we to question the divine? We can only be eternally thankful for their generosity of spirit in sharing with us their pure and unsulliable Godliness."

Seeing that he wasn't about to get anything but theological boilerplate from Ayanbadejo, O'Connor decided not to press the issue. "Can you please outline the history of Archangel Michael Island?"

"Through the miracles worked by The Archangel to bless his followers even after his Earthly life was over, The Blessed Parents willed His proceeds to his humble faithful, so that we could establish this paradise that worships only Him."

"The circumstances surrounding the Mr. and Mrs. Jackson's wills have been widely questioned..."

"... only by those who have vested interests in harming this Godly community and its people," The Mwinyi interrupted. "The Will was judged as valid by the competent legal authorities and there is no reason to revisit the issue."

O'Connor cleared his throat. "That is open to debate, but... then... how were you able to establish this community? You turned a British overseas territory island into your own private fiefdom almost overnight."

"The desire of the people cannot be denied, Mr. O'Connor," The Mwinyi stated calmly. "The referendum on what was then Anguilla was clear. The majority voted to consecrate their nation to The Archangel."

"... which of course had nothing to do with the 137 separate major voting procedural irregularities identified by the international observers." O'Connor asked pointedly.

"There have always been many who oppose will of God and concoct lies and deceits against God because they are motivated by the dark forces. There were no 'voting procedural irregularities'. There was only light, love and truth. That was and is the greatness of the Archangel. He brought light to our age. He showed us The Way. The Way is love. The Archangel is love. Gandhi famously said: 'When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it... always.' The Mahatma may as well have beeen speaking of The Archangel when he described the ways of truth and love. They have always won and The Archangel will win the hearts of the sinners of this world. All we need as his faithful followers is to continue to be strong in our faith in Him."

Continued In Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 8

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