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Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 8

Updated on July 13, 2009

"How can you justify such total faith in a mere singer and dancer?" O'Connor asked.

The Mwinyi smiled condescendingly. "To you He may have been only a mere singer and dancer as your eyes have not yet been opened by His light. HisStory is fully coherent and in keeping with the acts of the Messiah. A child from a humble working family, He rose to worldwide prominence, reaching every nation on Earth and touching countless millions with His blessings. Is there any person on Earth who does not know The Archangel, recognize His Blessed Image, or sing along with His Blessed Music? What is the purpose of a Messiah? To bring His message to the world and show them His way to eternal life. He showed through his own appearance that he was both male and female, and through his own very skin that he was both 'Black & White'... He was here for all humanity, all races, all genders, everyone! He was every human incorporated into one Blessed Being! Has there been anyone since Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed who has been more successful at the task of being the savior of humanity than The Archangel? Throughout His life, he was only ever dedicated to joy, peace, love, children, and our planet's welfare. And the world listened. The entire world listened to his music and his message! Did you ever stop to notice, all the children dead from war, did you ever stop to notice, the crying Earth, the weeping shores?"

"Yes, I'm familiar with the lyrics from Michael Jackson's Earth Song," O'Connor stated with a hint of indignation. "There are many ecology-promoting songs which have made the charts. Do we want to proclaim Marvin Gaye as a Messiah as well because of his Mercy Mercy Me The Ecology?"

"Tonight I will pray to The Archangel that he shed his light upon your dark and closed mind, Mr. O'Connor. You are not to blame. You and millions of others on this Earth have not yet surrendered your lives and your souls to the light of The Archangel. However, He works his power on all men and women on this world, and the time is coming soon when the end time will purify with His healing fire all the souls in existence."

"We've gone from discussing light to talking about fire. Why the change?"

"Because His light which has lit a flame in the hearts of all his followers not only here on Archangel Michael Island but all over the world, will soon be a mighty fire which will cleanse the Earth forever and bring all men and women into Blessed Union with The Archangel and the one true God."

"Cleansing? With fire? You're speaking metaphorically, of course..." O'Connor asked perplexed.

"Not at all, Mr. O'Connor," The Mwinyi stated, his tranquillity unshaken. "No metaphors at all. The Earth will be cleansed by his fire. All of it. The end time is nigh."

"When exactly is this end time?"

"In approximately 48 hours, Mr. O'Connor," The Mwinyi said with his typical reclining Buddha smile. "In minutes, you will file your audio recording with your editor in New York, the story will appear around the world so that all people will know that they can make their preparations to join The Archangel in heaven."

Continued In Archangel Michael Jackson Island Part 9

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