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The Pros and Cons of Professional Photo Retouching Services

Updated on January 7, 2016
Natural Photo vs Retouched Photo
Natural Photo vs Retouched Photo | Source

Are Professional Photo Retouching Services Worth Your Try?

Photography has in the recent years experienced rapid revolution and with this comes a desire to have near perfect photographs. Photo editing and retouch services have come in to help achieve this need by using photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Google Picasa to perform color correction, removal of undesired photo components, vector graphics and flash animation among others. Most people seek the help of professional photo retouching services to turn their photos into unique masterpieces. This article looks at both the pros and cons of using professional photo retouching services in achieving this.

1. Creating a 3 dimensional illusion. Having your photos retouched by a professional photo editor will give them an illusion of reality and depth by creating a 3D illusion. This is done by using different effects and balancing the constituent element of your photo.

2. Removal of red eyes. A professional photo retouching service will also help get rid of that vampire eyed look of people in the photo that is brought about by reflection of the red flashlight that is located just above the camera lens by the eyes. Using the red eye removal effect will make eyes whiter.

A Photo Retouching Process.
A Photo Retouching Process. | Source

3. Fixing of lighting. Whether your photographs were taken in a dark room without using the flash or if they were taken on a very bright sunny day, the lighting of the photo may be corrected by use of the sharpening and darkening effects by a professional photo editor.

4. Removal of undesired elements of the photo. Most of the time, we may not be able to prevent undesired objects from making their way into our photos. These objects can be removed by use of the crop tool or marquee tools and that part of the photograph made more real by use of softening tools and photo healing tools available.

5. Removal of wrinkles, acne blackheads, freckles and other skin blemishes. This can either be done by lightening of the affected parts or removal of these flaws by painting above them and other available options. Removal and lightening of these blemishes improve your appearance and make you look even younger.

6. Creating emphasis on certain elements of the photo. Making use of professional photo retouching services will enable the photo editor to emphasize on your desired elements within the photo by use of different effects to improve their color, dominance and proportions.

1. As much as photo editing tools do a great job when it comes to improvement of photos, old or faded images can be edited only to a limited level of clarity. The person hiring the services of the photo editor may not get exactly what they desire for their photos.

2. Photo retouching services also alter the true value of a photograph as they create an illusion of a perfect world with perfect people having perfect flawless skins, perfect body shapes and perfect colors. This in turn makes a picture to lose its real value and shape.

3. Differences in preferences. The preferences of the professional photo editor may be totally different from those of the client thus if there is poor communication between the two, it may lead to the photo editor using effect and techniques that the client may not be comfortable with. This is the reason as to why some people edit their own photos after learning how to use the different photo-editing software.

Most Common Photo-editing Software.

Please feel at ease to add your feelings, ideas and thoughts about professional photo retouching services in the comments section below.

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