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Are TVs a home necessity?

Updated on October 22, 2011

Are Televisions Needed?

Think back to the last time you ever used a television. Nowadays, more and more people (mostly in the younger generations) are relying on their computer to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. As a result, cable and public television broadcast companies are facing a battle to retain their advertising and broadcasting share. This poses the question of whether people need a television at all? Nowadays, you can get computer screens that are big enough for one to enjoy their favorite screening. Not just that, when watching programs online, one no longer has to go through all the redundant commercials while watching say a movie. Remember those days when they would have a commercial break every five or ten minutes? This no longer applies to the younger generation.

Yes, plasma vs LCD vs LED televisions have some things which laptops cannot buy, but one must wonder whether it is still necessary to have one in homes. As a college student, I do not really need a television for a few reasons. Firstly, I'm never back in time to follow a television schedule. Therefore, I have to wait until they release and then watch my favorite TV show. Secondly, I hate commercial breaks. I prefer to pay a small sum and watch my shows without any distractions. With cloud technologies breaking new barriers, people can now watch their TV shows on HD quality without having to download the whole video file. For example, Amazon instant videos enable you to watch many movies and TV shows for a very low sum. They effectively replaced the Blockbuster of old. Rather than renting a physical disc, you can now rent a movie or TV show online for a specific number of days or hours. For example, I was able to watch the Fast Five for just $3.99 within a period of 48 hours. More than enough to enjoy any movie.

The one instance when computers may not be able to usurp television could be sports games. I hate watching sports online. No matter how great the quality is, it just does not feel the same as watching a live sports event on television. Of course, I also want to use my computer for fantasy purposes. If I watch it on the computer then I have to keep flicking back and forth to check out my current fantasy stats.

Also, if you are a video gamer then you would definitely need a television. No questions asked. However, computers have been becoming so powerful these days that they are able to handle graphics as seen through video gaming consoles like the Playstation 3. Soon enough, we will probably end up with a computer that effectively becomes our primary home entertainment system.

So what do you think? Do you think televisions are needed? Do they take up too much space in your homes? Let us know by using the comment form below.


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