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You Gotta Watch Jersey Shore Season 4 Let Madness Reign

Updated on March 26, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 4 - Italy

Yes its that time again guys. I can't believe that they came out with this news recently about Jersey Shore Season 4 being shot in Italy. Just culturally speaking, this is so interesting, is it not? I mean, what are the cultural differences between Italians from Italy and these guys. But you know having said that, I think that there are a lot of stereotype being perpetuated about Italians from Staten Island. I for one am probably not going to watch Jersey Shore Season 4 from Italy because I am a little tired of the show. It's like American idol now. It was fun to watch the train wrecks like William Hung in the beginning but now it is just painful.

During my time in New York, I met a few colorful characters from Staten Island but none of them were as over the top as these guys. I think that we should keep in mind that when MTV makes a show like Jersey Shore, they expect their "actors" to behave in a certain way in order to boost ratings. Not everyone from Staten Island or Jersey is like these guys trust me!

Why You Should Jersey Shore Season 4

Ok Ok I know I said, I wouldn't watch it but that is just me saying that. I will probably catch glimpses of Jersey Shore Season 4 just like the rest of you. It is like a Britney Spears album right? No one admits to buying them but she did not become rich and successful because she is talented right? She had to have sold the CDs and Jersey Shore is the highest rated reality show because people watch it.

So yeah, i might be lying a little when I say I won't be watching Jersey Shore Season 4 lol. Rest assured, it will be culturally interesting since it will be shot in Italy (cough cough)

Italy is Awesome

So like I was saying, one interesting reason to watch Jersey Shore Season 4 will be because of its location. I love travel and culture shows and Italy should be very interesting. I hope though that they don't just spend their entire time clubbing and actually go do something more than that.

All in all I know that watching a show like Jersey Shore Season 4 is not something that a lot of people would admit to but there are certain positives.

The girls are kinda hot! I know I can almost feel the hissing and booing but some of them are attractive and the dudes are funny. the have entertaining mannerisms and who doesn't love the shenanigans the Jersey Shore crew get into. lol

So yeah I will come off my high horse here and say that I can't wait to watch snookie and situation and spiky hair dude and J wow and the gang get zany in Italy

So here is looking forward to Jersey Shore Season 4 which I most certainly will NOT watch (cough)


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