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Are You Out There by R.Kane

Updated on July 25, 2012

Hello, are you out there, does anyone hear
Are we, am I, are you alone
One day flows to another, why is that so
We judge without full knowledge
Just something buried deep within
Yo, do you hear what I say, or just what you think
Am I who I know I am, or who you see me to be
My public self and private self, connected but not the same
Asleep, what is that really, where all do I go
Where did it come from, is it a major echo of who we are here
Attention, now, that can be difficult, for me anyway
I do some things without fully looking
So why am I so surprised by the results
We do things without thinking
You start afresh with each new person you meet
[yet] you carry your baggage of self into each encounter
I stand and stare at what is in front of me
Is what I see truly what is there
Sometimes lost and alone with the company of all of you
Hey, are you looking at me or past me or just in my general direction
Sometimes I look but I don’t really see
All such stream of consciousness, what is consciousness
I am therefore I think?
What do you think, you get to have an opinion
And I don’t have to agree, then again I might

[Original date unknown] ©2012 R.Kane
AKA Richard Kane


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    • rkane3 profile image

      Richard Kane 5 years ago from Oakland CA

      Thank you, it's an old old one.

    • shrestha monsoon profile image

      shrestha monsoon 5 years ago

      Interesting poem.