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Are You Sick of Hearing About The Beatles?

Updated on June 22, 2011

Believe it or not, there are some that are sick of hearing about how great The Beatles were, or are. Almost in all such cases, these are people under 30 yrs. Their reasoning is that this band is like some sort of "relic" from their mom and dad's or grandparents youth and their music is just OK, nothing that is better than say, Green Day, White Ties etc. They cite about how their music is popish and rather basic.

They claim the media is controlled by ex-Beatlemaniacs, now all in their 50s or more, so they push the Fab Four upon the world, including Steve Jobs and his Apple iTunes! Further, why does iTunes make such a big deal about The Beatles? Apple took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, showing The Beatles and the only words were: Now on iTunes. TV commericals show The Beatles in various evolutionary stages from 1964-69 and in the end it states, "the band that changed the world, now on iTunes".

To many under 40 yrs, they sincerely think that Apple computers and ipods, were all a vision of Steve Jobs and he invented the Apple trademark. Yet, it was The Beatles that got it first in 1968 when they began their own artistic company called, Apple Inc. They had stores along the famed Carnaby street in London selling not music but clothes. Musicians from around the world submitted demo tapes of their craft to Apple Records on Savory Row from 1968 in hopes of being discovered (remember Badfinger?, Jackie Lomax? Mary Hopkins?). Yet, in 1968, Steve Jobs of Apple was just a kid in HS, idolizing The Beatles. 

Obviously, The Beatles were the first to have Apple. Steve Jobs obviously infringed on his favorite rock band. Hence, in the 70s-80s, both battled in courts about this simple item. In the long run, a stalemate prevailed of sorts. They coexisted.

Many have a superficial view of The Beatles as iconic legends. They minimize them  by saying they were just "OK" but music and rock has evolved way beyond them and there are so many artists now that are better. Or, The Beatles are for those over 45 yrs, or, they were really not great musicians.

Maybe all these naysayers are simply secretly jealous and envious about them, wishing it had been them. The Beatles were at the right time, right place in music history. They were legends while they were together and remain so after disbanding and one day, long after all have died.

Generations from now, The Beatles will still be heard. One can hardly say that about just about any band today. And yet, in 1964, both John and Paul thought their band might only last 2-3 years before they, too, would be forgotten.

How wrong were they?


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      I love the Beatles. Like many, they were a major inspiration to me. If, by wholesome you mean the early period from 63-65, I agree. Musically, it is those songs I still love, but they were never wholesome.

    • profile image

      Sixty 6 years ago

      I am not sick of hearing about The Beatles or Led Zeppelin,The Rolling Stones,Eric Clapton,Jimi Hendrix,The Who,Elton John,David Bowie, Shall i go on. What have we today

      ZIPPO! The Stones music is in a number of Viet nam war movies. You cannot be sick of The Beatles either because you have even have them in your title for your website to attract attention,

    • Gyspy Writer profile image

      Gyspy Writer 7 years ago from Midwest

      I'm not all that crazy about the Beatles, actually. But they were highly successful. I guess I liked them better when they were still wholesome, which is ironic coming from an open minded gal like me!