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Impact of Today's Television Reality Shows on our Society - An Analysis by a Common Man

Updated on November 23, 2016

Let's begin with a question.Kindly vote sincerely before proceeding to read the article.

Compared to the TV shows in the 90's, how much satisfied are you with today's shows?

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Some months back,when surfing through the different TV channels while having my dinner, my view got stuck to a specific channel which was then airing a so-called comedy reality show, in which a contesting team was literally shouting at and beating a celebrity who had joined them in their skit, and yelling at him for some reason.I glued my eyes eagerly on the television screen to see what was going on.Even the judges pretended (yes, they were pretending so) clueless and the victim turned pale not knowing what was going wrong.After some more minutes of drama, the same contestants applauded and laughed and came closer to that celebrity and consoled him saying it was just a drama, and they made it seem furious to give the viewers a surprise at the end! Even stranger was the judges' statement that the contesting team had discussed with them about this plan earlier and they had given approval!

I don't want to be a kind-heart, sympathizing with that celebrity who was preyed on by those senseless team members and equally senseless judges, but the point I wish to stress here is, aren't reality shows and TV channels going endlessly to the limit that they will resort to any vulgar means if it ultimately means to gain more viewership? The incident I mentioned above is not one of its kind.Lots of vulgarities, both fabricated and provoked, are to be seen in most of the today's reality shows and no one seems to care much into it maybe because it is too common today, or because they are not getting the right platform to state their dislikes.But I didn't want to be one among them overlooking these incidents, fearing no one would support my views.I am sure there are at least some who would join me in favour of my views.

I reside in the small beautiful state of Kerala in India and was fortunate enough to grow up seeing some music reality shows by the start of the mid-1990s, which only demanded that the contestants knew to sing well.Though without much colors or celebrations or whooping prize amounts, it seemed more enjoyable and the judges seemed loyal and they were there only to judge!Comparing it with today's music reality shows in here (not all), the things have changed drastically with weird demands accompanied.Today, to be a winner in a music reality show,you must dance around while singing, have to wear weird costumes if that particular round demands it,must beg for maximum votes and so on and so forth.

The facts behind the scenes are equally exasperating.Some article here in one of the local newspapers revealed that the emoluments judges receive are astounding.No matter how strangely they judge the contestants, the deals are fixed and they can take the sum home.And there we have another reality dance show in Malayalam (my mother tongue), which I have felt is a platform mainly for the judges and hosts to show off and the contestants are just secondary to them.Each and every episode you watch, you will be able to see the hosts doing some mockery and the judges bursting out in laughter and so do the contestants.Well, friends let me make it clear that I am not being jealous or judgmental here.Aren't such shows meant for the contestants mainly?The judging panel consists of a well-known actress in India, another guy who is seemingly handsome, who is praised almost every episode for his looks and yet another person who is supposedly a dance master.I have always felt like the judges and the main hosts are the contestants and the real contestants mostly seemed like gallery members!

It's still broadcasted successfully and has advanced to the second season already with the judges and hosts still "entertaining" the audience with their attitude and praise for each other!

The impact that these shows have on children are deep and adverse.Definitely, children with talent in today's society are very high compared to our times. So are the number of platforms where they can showcase their talents.As is the case with those shows I mentioned above, these children too, in some shows, are demanded to do things that as kids, are beyond what they should be forced to do, to achieve awards.Some children grow arrogant due to the fame, money, and recognition they get and getting busy doing stage shows, at an age when they are supposed to play around with their peers and some are tempted to sway away from their academics.The misconceptions and the strange customs they get introduced to, surely does affect their lifestyle if not properly guided.Children should be taught to show respect and be down to earth rather than forcing them to earn fame and money to keep up with the weird mannerisms of modern society.So, am I trying to manifest the fact that reality shows for children are dangerous?Definitely not, but the way the elder coordinators handle the shows must definitely be changed in most cases.

At one time, reality shows were such that the contestants could request votes from the viewers via SMS to help them stay in the game, which I think was injustice because then it meant that any person could get an advantage even if he/she wasn't that talented but had strong connections and money to make agents vote for them. And I bet it sure brought some mobile networks decent profits! Later that practice was discarded maybe because it became too obvious that it indeed helped the lesser talented get more advantage than the better yet poor candidate.

All these kinds of fabricated value nil shows and monotonous serials have made me almost completely give up the habit of watching television but still I thought it would be nice if I made my voice against this ill practice heard.

Comedy shows aired today are no more evoking laughter but sounds irksome because today in most comedy shows I have seen them adding a touch of adults-only jokes to make it hilarious and it's with great difficulty and high anxiety that families watch these shows today which are supposed to make them relaxed in the first place.Dance shows would have been far better if judges and hosts gave the candidates more preference.Music shows will be as sweet as in the good old days if the candidates just need to sing and that's all they need to do.No candidates should be valued on the basis of SMS they receive.No candidates should be abused on stage by the judges.And no child candidates should ever be taught that money should be the ultimate aim in life and instead should be taught that it's love, humility, and kindness that should prevail in one's character.

At this point, I feel a lot more relaxed and could lessen my compunction that I made at least a minute move to raise my voice against the ill effects these shows have on our society, especially on our children. I have no idea how many would have felt offended after reading this article. But I am sure someone somewhere reading this would have felt like these words were their views too and would help me find them easily by just commenting your views below.Even those who are against my views kindly forgive me and let me know why you think otherwise. Thanks to all those who have read this little article of mine and let's hope more reality shows with better viewer value and decency booms up to end the boredom we "orthodox" people are experiencing while watching some reality shows today.God Bless.

Are you having the same opinions as those I had stated here?

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