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Are We Destroying Our Planet ?

Updated on April 25, 2015
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Is Man Causing His Own Destruction

So many times it has been summarized that if the world were to end (as we know it) that it would be because someone pushed the button and started a nuclear war; or maybe it would take the angle of bio-weapons. But what if we did it to ourselves, trying to stay ahead of the game we did it to ourselves.

Based on a novel by: Paul Preuss

Directed by: Jon Amiel

Starring: Aaron Eckhart Delroy Lindo, Tcheky Karyo, Hillary Swank, DJ Qualls, Bruce Greenwood and Stanley Tucci

The Core

The day started off like any other day,children playing, couples laughing, and business men and teachers are at work; but somethings wrong. All of a sudden 32 civilians within a ten block radius died. They didn't get sick first they just collapsed and died.

Two Geologist Dr. Josh Keyes (Aaron Eckhart) and Serge Leveque ( Tcheky Karyo ) are called in to help the military solve the dilemma. One is a college professor specializing in electromagnetic and the other a Professor who deals with high energy weaponry. Dr. Josh Keys summarized that it must be related to some kind of magnetic field and discovered that all of the people affected had pace makers... After the military knows that it has nothing to do with any unknown weapons from another country trying to start a war the Geologist are dismissed on the assumption that they are no longer needed, but not so. Within hours later birds start falling out of the sky crashing into buildings, as if all of a sudden they forgot how to fly. Air planes are losing their tracking systems and are forced to land, one disaster after another begins to happen. The military must once again rely on someone greater than themselves...

Dr. Keys finds out that the earth's inner core has stopped revolving. Because of military weapons development and testing all must suffer. A core jump start is needed but how........

A team of scientist are gather together to try to repair the problem before earth is destroyed in a few months. Our survival is in the hands of these scientist, but can they solve the problem? Will they be able to penetrate the earths core and save civilization as we know it? Even if they could come up with a plan how do you travel through miles of earth's layers and the molten lava at the earth's core without burning up.

They seek the help of a scientist named Ed Brazzelton ( Delroy Lindo ) who not only has a means of drilling through the earth at top speeds using lasers that he has devised but he has also come up with a material called Unobtainium. A material with which he can craft a ship that is capable of not only withstanding the pressures within the planet's core but the heat as well.

Time is running out and the people now know what the government tried to keep from them.There are super lighting storms upon the surface of the earth. It came without warning and destroyed the Colosseum in Rome. Then the sun takes light to another level, a huge patch of sunlight melted the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. World wide panic has hit the planet and our end seems inevitable, but not yet.....

Personal View

I found this movies not only entertaining but one that forces you to think out of the box. On a scale of 1-10 I give this movie an 8.

© 2010 loveofnight


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