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Argo is Iran's Hottest Bootleg DVD!

Updated on February 1, 2013

If you are in Iran visiting friends, family or on business, odds are you may be asked if you have seen Ben Affleck's movie, Argo, depicting of several Canadians escaped the 1979 hostages when the U.S. Embassy was seized. The escape was under the CIA's disguise of making a movie in Tehran.

What was amazing was the fact that Iran was fooled by the hoax. The movie has won many awards and now the bootleg version is a hot ticket in the urban areas of Iran. The DVD's can be bought at some shops under secrecy and then copies are made and handed from house to house. They are also hot sellers at bazaars. It is no secret to the Iran's government or military and most have seen. While the DVD is in English, it does have Persian subtitles and several hundreds of thousands have been sold.

Depending on the age of the viewer, the seizure of the U.S. Embassy was either a great moment for Iran to stop Western imperialism or a stupid decision that has prevented Iran and the U.S. from being friends. The division line is usually around the age of 30 or 35 yrs. old. Those older feel it was a great moment for Iran, Since Iran has millions and millions of the under-30 group, as time goes on and the older generation dies off, one can see and hope relations will improve because Iranians do love American culture. Iranian filmmakers produce some great movies, like Circumstance, about two teen girls who despise their culture yet are trapped by the "morality police". This movie shows what the world of the under 30 is like when in private surroundings.

Some feel that the 1979 violence also began Iran's own internal violence against its own people to control and manipulate them. This continues even more today and since the Iranian elections are coming up, Iran has already threatened its population and its "Green Revolution" about rioting and demonstrating. Remember the 2009 elections?

Already, the government of Iran has authorized its own response to "Argo" with a film by Ataollah Salmanian. Who will believe it?


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