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Ariadne Artiles: One of the Most Beautiful Spanish Fashion Models

Updated on January 3, 2018

A first look at Ariadne Artiles

Who is Ariadne Artiles?

Ariadne Artiles, a Spanish supermodel, has an interesting background. Half Spanish and half Venezuelan, this stunning fashion model stands at five feet and eight inches or 174 centimeters tall. Originally from the Canary Islands, Ariadne entered the world on January 18, 1982. I first heard about her several years ago. Her amazing brown eyes to go along with her chestnut colored hair would make you want to look at her photo all the time. I would say that along with Almudena Fernandez, Ariadne gets admiration from me due to her beautiful eyes and overall awesome body. I would probably rank Ariadne Artiles as the most beautiful Spanish model right behind Almudena but it is a close call. Ariadne also has some of the best curves that I have ever seen. Ariadne currently has a boyfriend, Fonsi Nieto, a motocross rider as of this writing. Note: much time has passed since I began to look into the life of Ariadne. In November 2005, she and Nieto married. However, they announced in September 2008 that they had separated.

Supermodel Ariadne Artiles at a UNICEF and AIDS fundraising event


Ariadne Artiles at Glamour Magazine's 10th Anniversary Event in 2012

A Brief look at the career of Ariadne Artiles

Ariadne began her modeling career in 1995. Not much is known about her earlier years but I can tell you that she won the Spanish Look of the Year contest. She made her first appearance on the Spanish edition of the cover of DT Magazine. She also made an appearance on the June 2006 French edition of Elle magazine, her first appearance on a magazine cover outside of Spain. Her first runway appearances in 2005 for Petro Valverde and Women’s Secret marked her first runway activities. Ariadne Artiles has also walked for Laguna sometimes, TCN, Mango and Gran Canaria Moda Calida.

Ariadne Artiles does modeling for YAMAMAY

Ariadne Artiles Appears on the Spanish Fashion Calendar Larios in 2005 and 2008

The Spanish calendar Larios featured Ariadne on it in 2005. Ariadne followed up that appearance and appeared once again on the same calendar three years later in 2008. Ariadne’s younger sister Aida, also a model by profession has appeared on the May 2010 issue of the Spanish edition of Elle Magazine. In the entertainment industry, there have been some notable siblings that have had this kind of career. A few examples are:

  • Natsumi and Asami Abe
  • Karen and Saskia Mulder
  • Joanna and Marta Krupa

More beautiful photos of Ariadne Artiles

Ariadne Artiles is at the 2010 World Music Awards.
Ariadne Artiles is at the 2010 World Music Awards. | Source

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