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Ariana Grande Suffering with Eating Disorder?

Updated on December 5, 2015

It is no secret that pop stars are always under scrutiny for how much they weigh, and it could not be any easier when everywhere you turn there is someone taking a picture of you, whether that be paparazzi or just a fan. Young vocalist Ariana Grande has burst back on to the charts with her hit song "Focus", and is rattling the music industry with her impending junior album, "Moonlight" ready to enter the playlists of young adults internationally, but is the stress and tension on her to improve and live up to not so realistic standards just too much?

Since her years on being on Victorious you can tell that the young star as lost weight off her already petite frame. Speculations that she might be withholding from eating have been made, but it seems that the young diva has just made a couple healthy changes in her lifestyle. Ariana Grande has switched over her eating choices to that of a Vegan and promotes her healthy body as just one of the aspects of her new lifestyle. After finishing up her World Tour her body and voice has ascended to it's all time best and she is riding the wave.

At this point, we can definitely say that Ariana Grande is spreading the right message to her millions of fans and one step at a time she is making the world a healthier place to live in, and throwing in her amazing vocals on top of that.

Are you loving Ariana Grande's health decisions?

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    • profile image

      Jane 2 years ago

      I love her music and I really wanted to go vegan so I can trim some weight off my edges lol.