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Ariana Grande - My Everything (Track-by-Track Review)

Updated on August 30, 2014
Ariana Grande, dubbed as the mini-Mariah is the artist to watch this year!
Ariana Grande, dubbed as the mini-Mariah is the artist to watch this year! | Source

From a Nickelodeon Star to an Undeniable Pop Star!

We first saw this girl as a young actress in Nickelodeon's "Victorious", she immediately went out to pursue her music passion, and she succeeded!

And as she began to venture for her second studio album titled "My Everything", she finally put those R&B styles to rest in order to stop the Mariah comparisons. And this time she succeeded too. Sooner than later, she will be disassociated to the act that is hunting her since her debut!

Yours Truly, Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande was the name that top the iTunes Chart more than two years ago when she released her debut single "The Way" featuring rapper Mac Miller. With her, high octave range and the use of the whistle register, everybody in the music industry compared her to the veteran/legend Mariah Carey. And when she released her debut album titled "Yours Truly" the comparison went up to the highest, as Ariana's style is becoming similar to the one and only Mariah Carey.

My Everything, the Album!

Even if a lot of critics dubbed her new effort "My Everything" as less cohesive than her previous album, Ariana Grande is still able to deliver the album the way she meant it to. The first time you listen to it, you will get the overall thought of the album as if it is speaking to you. Just look at the title, "Problem", "Break Free", "Break You Heart Right Back" and "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart", what would have you guessed they were all about?

They're all about heartbreak. Most of the time, artists find a lot of success, after heartbreak because one thing for sure, they want their audience to feel their pain in their songs! Look at Adele, she made it big with her break-up album 21 that sold more than 30 million copies worldwide now!

The Problem-singer performed at this year's iHeartRadio
The Problem-singer performed at this year's iHeartRadio | Source

From the Imogen Heap-inspired Intro to the "Na Na Na" of Why Try!

Intro - Ariana sings "I'll give you all I have and nothing less I promise" in this 80 seconds intro that reminds us how it feels to really fall in love! It is such a dreamy entrance that is filled with Ariana's heavenly vocals! And she didn't even struggled using her head notes!I'll give you all I have and nothing less I promise" in this 80 seconds intro that reminds us how it feels to really fall in love! It is such a dreamy entrance that is filled with Ariana's heavenly vocals! And she didn't even struggled using her head notes!

Problem ft. Iggy Azalea - After the subdued entrance, Ariana followed the album with its lead single filled with horn riffs that will never escape your head long after you listen to it. She showcase her vocals here more than any of the songs in the album. And with the help of the Fancy-singer Iggy Azalea, the line "I got 99 problems, but you won't be one" will forever remain in our heads!

One Last Time - - produced by music veteran David Guetta, it's no Titanium-smash like production, but it is certainly one of the more ballad-swayed-hidden-in-a-midtempo-song with lyrics that tells Ariana as a liar and full of guilt! Besides that, One Last Time should perform well as a single!

Why Try - Billboard's Jason Lipshuts stated that "Why Try is constructed as Ariana's Halo (Beyonce)" and I could not blame him. The first time I listened to this song I already knew she is going everywhere with this! Co-written and co-produced by Ryan Tedded which is know to have written and produced a lot of hits, this song will surely be present in charts when it gets its time to shine!

Is Ariana Grande Still Trying to Be the New Mariah Carey?

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Next Up Are the Features, From Zedd to Childish Gambino!

Break Free ft. Zedd - the second single from the album, a total grower! A lot of the EDM-master Zedd were let-down when it was first released! It is below the production of his previous smash "Clarity" but everyone still supported the song as it reached Top 10 in the Billboard charts! A lot more listen to this and you will see how a precious gem it is! And don't even get me started with the break-free lyrics!

Best Mistake ft. Big Sean - the rumors that she is dating Big Sean turned out to be true and their romance couldn't be more romantic with this song! "You're the best mistake that I've ever made but we hold on!" Ariana heartily sings in the melancholic chorus that will make you think it is the saddest song you have ever heard! And then Big Sean shines through his drum-beat verse in the piano-assisted song!

Be My Baby ft. Cashmere Cat - If you think that Ariana has completely left everything Mariah-related in her music, then you're wrong! Although I aim this as a compliment, Be My Baby reminds us of the early/late 1990s to early 2000s Mariah Carey, with its swayed R&B rhythm! Although radio will still eat this up if this will be released to promote the album!

Break Your Heart Right Back ft. Childish Gambino - "What goes around comes around" Ariana serve in the most obvious bop of the album! It's pure R&B pop-infused song that will surely get you to your feet! After first listen, it seemed like everyone who has heard this album picked this as their favorite song! And that "My baby loves me!" is so infectious!

Let's Get to the More Serious Songs!

Love Me Harder - "'Cause if you really want me, then you gotta love me harder" Ariana sings with envy in this The Weekend assisted song! With deep bass hidden somewhere in the production, this will surely be played in the club and you will even sing with its catchy chorus the moment it's played!

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - perhaps the most heartfelt and painful song in the album. Ariana is having her piano-moment with this song and little of background vocals. Certainly, this is the best ballad she served in the album. Beautifully crafted, and you won't even get bored after a lot of listens!

Hands on Me - the serious moments of the album seemed to be on a hiatus when the infectious Hands on Me starts playing! There's not much to say in this song other than this is really a banger that would be perfectly suited for Miley Cyrus!

My Everything - the title track of the album, which included the hums of the Intro! Also, piano-assisted, I could see Ariana slaying this song in a music award show, and this time she will surely get a lot of praises! This definitely left the audience stunned and will prompt them to play the album over and over again!

Ariana Grande in the cover of My Everything
Ariana Grande in the cover of My Everything | Source

A Final Note!

Sure, My Everything may not be as cohesive as Yours Truly, but Ariana definitely outdid herself in this record! A solid 8/10 for me which is a solid rating for a solid album! Be sure to check her new album which is available now!


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