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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, Docu-Trauma

Updated on January 19, 2014

I am so tired of Lacey needing to stay ‘popular’. Jo was right. She’s not going to let anybody or anything get in her way of being on top of the world, even if it means leaving people behind or lying to, apparently, friends that are really important to her. If they were that important to her and they actually got her "through some rough times" wouldn’t they be understanding about her feelings? And if they aren’t, are they really worth the trouble to keep happy?

Yeah, some people are always going to be on edge about Danny but that’s just life. Not everyone trusts a confessed killer as soon as they meet him (knowing he’s a confessed killer). Lacey was right. It will get better, but probably not in Green Grove. Not that I agree with him being bullied out of his hometown but he doesn’t have to stay there forever. He can go to a place where the first thing he tells people doesn’t have to be "Hi, my name is Danny and don’t worry. I stopped killing people around the time that I took the jump rope off Aunt Tara’s throat."

Again, Rico needs to stop being a jealous ... person and just step up. If he’s interested in Jo then he needs to say so, not just try to manipulate her into not being attracted to Danny. Although, it was nice that he ensured her that she was "a catch" and "the total package". Did anyone else notice that he was about to follow Jo’s example and "put it out there" to see if she felt the same way? UGH! I was hoping he would say something. I’m not sure who exactly I want with who, but I don’t want Rico to be unhappy (he’s like, my favorite character). I also don’t want Danny in a relationship that he has to hide. Maybe they’ll make art imitate life and figure out a way to put Rico (Ashton Moio) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) together, which would leave Danny free for Jo. Although … that would be awkward if my second prediction from episode 7 turns out to be true and Danny and Jo are actually siblings.

Aww that always sucks. Poor Jo. Friend zone level: SISTER! At least she went on her first date and had a good time before Tyler turned out to be, what I assume is, the brains behind all of the pranks.


Speaking of Tyler and pranks, I was so excited when he seemed interested in Jo and when they went on that date. She deserves some attention too (visible attention, not the Rico-watching-from-afar kind of attention), but (of course) it wasn’t quite real. Don’t get me wrong, I think he really does like Jo but obviously not enough. He knew Jo and Danny were good friends and he had to have known that she wouldn’t be okay with him doing those pranks.

Did you see Tess’ face when Jo mentioned Danny calling her his sister? Oh my! She’s holding something back. This only strengthens my belief in the idea that those two are related. I’m telling you, I have a lot of predictions that turn out to be wrong but I’m thinking this isn’t one of them.

Rico is being a jerk to Danny. Danny walks over and he literally turns away, not completely but enough to notice. What a douche move! Then when he sees that Jo’s going to talk to a guy about a date, he looks for a reason not to trust him. Also a douche move! He may have been right not to trust him, but at the time he had no real reason for that.

Danny was right. Lacey’s the one that can’t get over his past. That’s the real reason she doesn’t want anyone to know. She doesn’t want people to see her as the hypocrite she is. It’s all going to come out soon though. All of those pranksters in the Danny masks saw the two of them and then, of course, someone got a video of Danny and Lacey. They should know by now that lies will get them nowhere.

WOW! Eloise (played by Meg Anna Millidge) is captain of the debate team? She hasn’t said one word during the entire season! I just assumed she was mute but apparently she just doesn’t like Jo, Rico, or Danny.

That is just disgusting, and sad, and mean, and rude, and other words that I just shouldn’t post to a public website! What kind of person would do that? What kind of person would put “murder weapons” all over the victim’s family’s house? What kind of person would reenact a murder in the victim’s family’s house? You know, that is the victim’s family’s house. Danny might have killed her but it was Karen’s house too. She was also related to Tara and for all the pranksters know, they could have been best friends. Nice job pranksters! You reminded a woman, twice, that her only child murdered her best friend! (Obviously that wasn’t the case. Apparently Tara didn’t get along with Vikram, which probably means she didn’t get along with Karen either, but hell the pranksters didn’t know that!)


Lacey told Phoebe that she needed to clear her head after the party prank at Danny’s house. Then she “snuck” back to Danny’s. That is total bullshit! This guy was one of her only friends long before any of those witchy ‘popular’ people even considered her an acquaintance. Hell, he was one of her two best friends and he is now her boyfriend and she’s sneaking around because she ashamed to be seen with him? These people have been calling him names, harassing him at home, and just all out bullying him for months now! They are the ones she should be ashamed to be seen around! Not to mention, if it were reversed and Danny was doing this to people, she’d avoid him completely. And you can bet your rear-end that Kyle would be doing a lot more than “station[ing] a squad car” outside someone’s home if Danny were doing the harassing.

Do you like Tyler and think he is redeemable?

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Thought Provokers

1. Were the pranks originally Tyler’s idea? Maybe he was just taking part in them?

2. Who were the pranksters? My first thought was the soccer team but it couldn’t be them. They were at some tournament, right?

3. Who was recording them outside that window? Most might jump to the conclusion that it was Tyler, but he had an actual video camera. Why would he start using his phone?

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

Best quote of the episode definitely goes to Lacey with, “You’re gorgeous, and funny and smart. And you deserve to find someone great.”

Other worthy mentions include:

  • “You’re the total package. Objectively, I mean, as like an observer of ... you know … packages.” ~ Rico
  • “Oh, I just stepped in it, huh?” ~ Tyler (It was more his facial expression than his words but because the facial expression sets the tone for the words this goes under quotes.
  • “Middle age, you ass.” ~ Kyle
  • “A bit offended by the masks. I think my hair was nicer than that.” ~ Danny
  • “He’s all tan and toothy. Like a shark.” ~ Rico
    “Are sharks tan?” ~ Danny

Do you have any predictions?

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. Yes, I think Vikram would lie to Karen about the necklace. Maybe Vikram and Regina really were having an affair and he gave it to her as a gift. That being said, he would have had to lie to Karen about it for five years and everyone keeps saying Regina got the necklace about seven months ago. That seems highly unlikely.
  2. We all (or at least all the people in my house) assume that Karen confessed to Regina’s murder because she was afraid for Danny but maybe she actually killed her. Maybe Vikram and Regina were having an affair and when Karen found out (after her husband was dead), she killed Regina … but that doesn’t explain how the necklace went from Regina to Danny.



On a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a 3. The only part about it that I found exciting was the fact that Jo finally went on her first date. The pranks weren’t surprising because I saw them in the previews. Karen turning herself in at the end wasn’t worth an extra star because it’s been assumed that she did it to protect Danny. Seeing as she already said she’d do anything to protect him, it was predictable.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

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