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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, PSA de Resistance

Updated on January 19, 2014

Lacey Porter (Played By Kylie Bunberry)


Sometimes I find it hard to believe that the three of them were so close before Danny killed Tara. I mean, Jo was apparently Lacey's best friend and Lacey barely spares a glance toward her in the hallways. Not to mention that she didn’t even try to give Danny a chance. As soon as he was released she was ready to ignore him. She even called him names of live TV. Don’t get me wrong, ignoring him would have been fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but then she spent the night with him as if they were good friends again and then nope, she’s too good to be seen around him. I’m getting whiplash just watching this unfold! She is such a snob sometimes. I can’t wait until Archie finds out she was with Danny all night.

Is Kyle ever nice when he’s talking to Karen? He had no intention of apologizing until he realized it could help him with his work!

Wow Lacey, conceited much? “What part of 'stay out of my life' was confusing to you?” What made her think them volunteering had anything to do with her … I mean, it did, but she didn’t know that. For all she knew, Danny just didn't want to write the essay.

Archie (Played By Grey Damon)


I am so tired of Archie’s attitude toward Danny. He’s feeling insecure and he’s taking it out on him! He’s the same as Lacey. "Are you trying to get near Lacey when you think I'm not around?" Just because he is attracted to Lacey, doesn’t mean every guy that wants to know her is … although I can see this heading in that direction. I can also see that he has a point when he’s talking to Danny about manipulation. The skit does seem rather manipulative. He and Jo also openly discussed that he wrote it to manipulate Lacey into talking to him again but I don’t think it is manipulation in the same context that Archie sees it.

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Kyle is my least favorite character on the show. He’s over reactive, overprotective, stubborn, and completely rude to anyone that even slightly disagrees with him about Danny (including his family). That being said, he seems to be a good investigator … except for the part where he’s only investigating things that help his ‘Danny is the killer’ case. Okay, so he’s good at figuring out where to search for evidence when he knows there isn’t enough. At least he isn’t the sheriff of a small town that doesn’t realize his daughter is being inducted into a clan of vampires that seem to be in a stalemate war with his best friends old werewolf pack.

Oh geez! I think Danny could have picked better wording when he was talking to Doug (played by Ely Henry). “You uh, you grow up in Green Grove? You a lifer?” Doug was obviously nervous and instead of trying to reach out and change Doug's opinion, even a little, he uses prison slang. Real smooth.

I’m a little upset that Rico was forgotten while Jo was helping Danny but I’m not that upset with her because Rico had the chance to verbally kick her ass and she apologized for standing him up. If he's okay with it then I guess I can be too.

I think the writers did a great job with melding an ‘anti-underage drinking’ campaign into the episode, even if they didn’t mean to. They also seemed to capture the essence of those cheesy skits. I liked that Danny was able to write a better one and I absolutely loved the reflection in the new skit. Three people were present (their judgment impaired because they’d been drinking) when one of them killed someone with a car. In the beginning, three people were present (their judgment impaired because they were young) when one of them killed someone with a jump rope. In both situations all three have to live with what happened and try to move on, hopefully doing so while forgiving.

Also the first episode seemed to revolve around Danny getting out of juvie. Every conversation, even ones before the actor’s face appeared on screen, seemed to involve him. After that the series seems to be more focused on Jo. It’s been about her feelings, her friends, and her family. She ‘took’ the lead role.

There’s also no mention of anyone getting in trouble at school for taking out the anti-drinking video and instead essentially bullying one of their classmates. At least Lacey said something to Sarita. It’s about time she stuck up for Jo. I get the feeling Jo was shunned a lot in school and Lacey said nothing so she wouldn’t get the same treatment.


Thought Provokers

  1. Okay, so, Jana (played by Tracy S. Lee) gave Scott a ride the night of Regina’s party because Scott loaned Archie his car even though Archie told Lacey that he was staying home because they had a game the next day. What’s going on here? Did Archie kill Regina?
  2. So, Archie and Danny’s heart to heart was nice. He seemed to really open up about being called a socio. If he really was a socio, according to the definition the teacher gave in the first episode, he wouldn’t care about being called one. So, was he faking or was he sincere? Does he really not like to be called it?
  3. Does it upset him because it, like the photos of Tara, reminds him of what he did? Does he really care to be reminded that he killed Tara? I mean, he said he killed her for a reason, so in his mind she had to die. If you come to the conclusion that some has to die and you act on said conclusion do you really feel bad about it? Or is ‘Danny the socio’ just assuming that’s what people feel after killing someone, so that’s what he’s trying to portray?

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

Best quote of the episode comes from Danny when Archie says to Lacey, “Is this freak bothering you?”
Danny’s reply: “Archie, I am so glad you asked. She kind of is.”

Other worthy mentions include:

  • “You have me doing chemistry with someone who uses birth control.” ~ Rico
  • “I think it actually makes me want to drink more just to defy it.” ~ Jo
  • A quote from Rico after Jo says, “Hey, I’m glad you came.”
    Rico replies with: “It’s mandatory.”

Best Actions Of The Episode!

Best action of the episode, and the only funny one I saw worth mentioning, is when Rico acted like he was sharpening the pencil while talking to Jo instead of actually sharpening it. Who does that?

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. There’s a part in the episode when Karen tells Danny that she “was trying to protect” him when she told Kyle about Lacey spending the night. I think she would do anything to protect her son. She would even destroy that necklace if she found it and I think that's exactly what's going to happen.
  2. Maybe Regina didn’t send him the texts. Maybe pieces of my first prediction from Episode 1 are true and the killer sent the texts after having killed Regina so that he/she could kill Danny because he/she was afraid Danny was going to finally talk after all these years.


So on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a 5. I love that actual schooling happens in this series and I love that we get to see it. It isn't like all of those shows that have students that are constantly saying, 'I have to get to class' and then they aren't in class and are never doing school work. The skit in this episode gave it that extra push for me.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

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