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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, Sleeping With The Frenemy

Updated on January 19, 2014

"I don't have time for this. Archie Yates isn't a suspect right now." Why the hell not, Kyle?! If he lied about his alibi there has to be a reason. Of course Kyle will ignored what was right in front of him. It didn't fit in with his "Danny is the killer" theory.

Nice big round of applause to Lacey. She's starting to doubt Archie and catch him in a lie and she figured it out all on her own.

"You and Lacey had that girl thing." Did anyone else see Jo's face when he said that? I mean, "the last five years [must] have been really hard" for Jo. She didn't find a group of people to surround herself with support. It was just the three of them when they were younger. After Danny was taken into custody and what I assume was Lacey pulling away from Jo, she had no one. I don't know how long it took her to meet up with Rico, but the time in between must have been very lonely.

Knowing that it was the three of them when they were younger, I think it's safe to assume that their parents were all friends too. The last five years must have been hard for Karen and Vikram too. Random people, like we saw in the grocery store in this episode, must have stared at, and whispered about, them all the time. Even their friends, people who are supposed to be there to support you through hard times, seemed to have left them. I think it's good that Tess saw what Karen's been going through. Maybe it'll help her see that Karen needs an old friend and maybe it'll help to start mending that relationship. Karen needs an adult, other than Tang, that she can talk to every now and then.


Rico was right; it was nice to see a different side of Jo. I felt just like he looked when he was talking about it, a little giddy with happiness for her. She probably hasn't had a sleep over in five years. So, I would think that her saying "guys would have, like, a lot of fun with [Lacey's mother] at restaurants or bowling" could easily be forgiven. She was obviously nervous.

Apparently people get up in the middle of card games just to ask about a plain box that would otherwise seem unimportant and then go sit back down. No! People don't do that. Phoebe could have, and probably should have, just asked about it from across the room. Although, they do get points for playing what looked like Cards Against Humanity.

Is a 'fist bump' a rite of passage for a teen boy?

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So, that awkward nervousness between Danny and Rico was so adorable but it seemed to pass quickly and it turned into both of them getting their first fist bump which, apparently (if Rico's excited "congratulations" is any indicator), is a rite of passage for a teenage boy. I like that their sort of friendship seems to be growing. It was nice that Rico was trying to cheer him up after not being invited to go out with the team.

And of course, when they're leaving, Archie assumes Danny was following them! You know he had to have seen Danny and Rico walk up from the back of the diner, not from the front door. At least the whole team isn't completely against him. Cole Farrell (played by John DeLuca) seems to be warming up to Danny. It's nice to see that he's making some guy friends.

Of course the one that sees Jo digging in the box is the bitch of the group! At least Lacey hadn't opened the box yet, so she wouldn't have noticed the things moved around and the DVD missing. Of course that doesn't matter because Sarita can't not run her mouth.

Are we sure that Regina's mother Gloria (played by Jessica Tuck) isn't Sarita's mother too? She such a bitch. Yes, she lost her daughter and was grieving but that doesn't give her the right to try to get Danny kicked out of school. He's done nothing wrong! She, like the police, has no evidence that Danny did anything yet she automatically assumes he did it.

I hate when shows do this. Trained police officers didn't find that damn necklace, but Karen sat in a chair and the necklace practically fell into her hands! That being said, the police officers probably didn't sit in the chair and Karen does know the chair better than they do.


Thought Provokers

  1. Why was Karen not at her son's first game?
  2. Why did Regina have that DVD of Archie? It didn't look like an innocent video and I'm not buying his explanation of the DVD or why he borrowed the car. Was something going on between Archie and Regina?
  3. When Danny told Rico and Jo about the necklace, he didn't say Regina was wearing a necklace that looked like Tara's. He said she was wearing Tara's necklace. Sadly, for me, this means that my theory of two necklaces (that I've been desperately holding onto) is wrong. So, does that mean Danny killed Regina and took the necklace? Or was my prediction from Episode 2 was right and he took it before she was murdered?

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

Best quote of the episode comes from Rico, again, with: "It's really hard to get a warrant, okay. You have to have like really good probable cause or like sleep with a judge or something."

Other worthy mentions include:

  • "All that back and forth snarking was clearly exhausting." ~ Jo
  • "Yeah, I'm sorry. I just, like, whenever there's a pause in the conversation I feel like I'm going to throw up." ~ Rico

Which prediction do you agree with?

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. If there was something going on between Regina and Archie, it makes the fact that Archie lied about being at home the night Regina was murder seem even more suspicious. Maybe Regina was going to tell Lacey about it and Archie killed her.
  2. I don't believe Danny. I think he knows why it was important to her and I think it definitely has something to do with why he killed Tara.
  3. Like my first prediction in Episode 3, I think Karen is going to destroy that necklace.


On a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a 5. I love that Jo finally got a "girl" moment and Danny and Rico both finally got a "boy" moment. I also love that Danny's branching out. He's not spending all of his time trying to live in the past and get Lacey back as number three in their trio.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

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