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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, The Fest And The Furious

Updated on January 19, 2014

Kyle likes to say things like, "we're looking at every possible angle" but in episode 4 when he was told that Archie lied about his alibi, Archie wasn't a suspect. That seems like a possible angle to me. What he meant to say was, "We're looking at every possible angle as long as it involves 'Danny the killer'."

Jo doesn't seem to know what she wants. She told everyone she knows that she didn't like the festival and it wasn't her "thing" and then she brings it to Danny's attention and discusses going! The writer's seem to have captured the teenage-girl aspect very well. First, she makes herself a pariah because she says he's innocent, then she blows of Rico for a school skit and he forgives her, and now she's flip-flopping on whether she actually wants to go. And you know she's only going because of Danny! How long is Jo going to twist herself into knots over him?

It's interesting to see that Lacey and Phoebe have become closer after Regina's death while Lacey and Sarita seem to be growing further apart.

According to Tim Calvert (played by Rick Peters), the police not arresting Danny "doesn't make him innocent." Well, actually, in the eyes of the law that's exactly what it makes him. After he's arrested he'll still be considered innocent. He also mentions that he doesn't want Danny going to the festival because it's a family event that he and his children attend. Maybe Danny used to go to it with his parents. Did Tim ever think of that? No. No, he didn't think that just maybe the festival is a way for a sixteen-year-old kid to feel close to his dead father. I'm not saying that's completely why Danny went to the festival but maybe that's one reason.

Have I mentioned that Lacey isn't my favorite character? It isn't selfish for Danny to go the festival. He has just as much of a right to go as everyone else does. It's a public event. The same can be said when Kyle and Mayor Rollins tell Jo that she can stay but Danny has to go. Again, public event on public property. They have absolutely no right to make him leave.

This guy is getting on my nerves. First he throws a hissy fit because Danny's allowed to go to the festival then, at the festival, he shoves Danny (a sixteen-year-old boy). Of course Kyle did nothing! If Danny had shoved someone he would have been in handcuffs. I liked that another adult, Christina Moses (played by Christina Marie Moses), stood up for him. She made the same point that I made as soon as I heard Tim. Danny is one of their kids. Of course, a guy like Tim is too busy seeing red to see the truth in what she's saying.

Who do you think Jo should be with?

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Of course, Rico blames Danny for the pies being destroyed. The only way it's his fault is that he was trying to stop an argument and Tim Calvert over reacted. (Boy, he and Kyle must be best friends!) This different side to Rico, the jealous side, is interesting. I'm getting a little whiplash trying to pin down exactly what he thinks of Danny. In the last episode, he and Danny were hanging out and bonding, and in this one it's like he wanted nothing to do with him.


I'm happy that Danny and Jo both decided to go to Fall Fest. There was some flip-flopping for a little bit on whether or not they were going but in the end Jo looked amazing, Danny fit into his dad's suit, and they both had a good time. I do feel bad for Rico though. Not as much as I could because he managed to fit in a little verbal ass kicking again. I do still feel a little bad for him, though. Watching the person you're attracted to become increasingly more attracted to someone else sucks.

Lacey should have given that envelope to Kyle the moment she found it. But instead she texts Danny and has her meet him separately? What the hell? She knows that Jo is just as invested in proving Danny's innocence.

Again, Kyle is so ridiculous! He mentions that Danny is taking Tess' class and then says he isn't angry because of it. Well, why'd you bring it up? I hate when people do that! Tess is right. If it's so obvious that he's guilty why can't they find any evidence?

Well, Kyle, maybe you wouldn't be "hearing it from" your daughter, the town, the mayor and now your wife if you were making progress. And maybe you'd be making progress if you had started to look elsewhere for evidence when your puddle of evidence against "Danny the killer" dried up. Detectives aren't supposed to assume they know who the killer is because it blinds them to any contradictory evidence!

Well, at least one of my predictions came true. Too bad Rico saw Karen dispose of the necklace (okay, I said she'd destroy it, but I was close enough). That being said, I'm starting to remind myself of Kyle. I decided Danny was innocent and ignored the fact that he had the necklace (contradictory evidence). I guess it isn't quite the same because I at least had a theory on why Danny had a necklace that looked like the one Regina had and Kyle wasn't even willing to look at other reasons why Regina and Tara could have had the same necklace.

So, Danny and Lacey kissed; definitely saw that coming. I wonder how long it’s going to take Archie (and everyone else too) to find out because the truth always comes out. It makes me feel bad for Jo, though. If it sucks watching the person you're attracted to become more attracted to someone else, it royally sucks to fool yourself into thinking there is something special going on when there isn't.


Thought Provokers

  1. That necklace isn't the only lead. Where did the "traces of paint on the point of impact" come from? Perhaps a painted ceramic vase?
  2. Why won't Lacey give the envelop to Kyle? Is she really trying to preserve Regina's memory? Bullshit! This is Danny's life. If Regina did something that would ruin her memory, well, that's the chance she took when she decided to do it. Could it be that Lacey is somehow involved and she's been acting this whole time?
  3. Who sent Regina the money? Was my second prediction from episode 1 right, or at least part of it? Was Regina blackmailing someone and they killed her?

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

Alright, the best quote of the episode comes from Jo when she’s talking to Rico. “Right, because the Mayans are never wrong.”

Other worthy mention:

  • "You mathletes sure know how to have pun." ~ Jo

Best Action Of The Episode!

Best action of the episode was definitely the "funny dance". I loved it. It was so cute and carefree. Of course there were haters watching and whispering but hey, let 'em watch and whisper. At least they were having fun under all those watchful eyes and not running around getting into trouble with no one knowing where they were.

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. Unless the show is going supernatural all the things Regina said to Lacey during her dream are things Lacey has either seen, heard or imagined. Maybe Lacey went to Regina's to apologize for the semi-argument they had. Maybe Lacey got there and saw the whole thing but doesn't remember so she went back to Danny's. Maybe the killer was smiling, like Regina said Danny was doing when he killed her. I'm not saying it was Danny but maybe it was someone who was smiling and Lacey's mind is trying to piece it together using Danny as a place holder.
  2. The letter in the envelope said that it was the final payment. Maybe the envelop was late getting to her so Regina thought whoever was sending it had backed out of the deal so she told them she was going to start talking and they killed her because the money was already in the mail and they thought she got it. If so, her death was based more on a miscommunication than anger or rage.
  3. Maybe Regina was trying to get more money out of however it was sending the money and they didn't want to give her any more so they killed her.



So, on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a full 6. It was clearly the best one so far. There was love, hate, loyalty, distrust, even scandal ... more scandal.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

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