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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, Three For The Road

Updated on January 19, 2014

How can Danny expect Karen to be completely convinced that he didn’t kill anyone? It’s not like she turned him in for murder. Isn’t it at least enough for now that she’s still on his side? Doesn’t it say more to her love of him that she’s on his side even with doubts about his innocence?

I don’t understand what Lacey’s problem with Jo is. I think she’s just upset with herself for not having the courage to openly support Danny and, of course, she’s taking it out on the person who is openly supporting him. I also think she’s upset with Jo because she wanted to be alone with Danny but didn't want to say so. So, when Jo decided to go with them out of state, they couldn’t be alone.

Honestly, Karen should have known better than to mention that Jo could have been with Danny and Lacey. She knows how Kyle feels about Danny. Not to mention, who let’s their sixteen year old son (who might be a killer for the second time) go riding around without so much as an explanation as to where he’s going except “for a drive”? Wouldn’t it be safe for everyone, including him, if she knew where he was? What if a third person shows up dead? Is Lacey going to refuse to be his alibi again? At least if she kept him at home sometimes she could be his alibi.

I like that Rico wouldn’t lie to Jo about being with Kyle. It’s nice to see that he trusts Jo even if he doesn’t trust Danny but apparently he doesn't trust her enough to keep the fact that he saw Karen throw the necklace away to himself.

Lacey needs to hand that envelope over to the cops. Until then she needs to keep it in a plastic bag or something. You know, to preserve any fingerprints or other trace evidence that might be on it. Keeping it in her purse is just wiping away whatever might be there. And, of course, Danny needs to never touch it. He needs to keep his fingerprints as far away from it as possible. Even though the post mark is clearly dated before he was released, if Kyle gets his hands on the envelope I’m sure he’ll try to find a way to say Danny sent it.


Locking the girls out of the car was predictable but apparently they needed to have a talk. Yeah, it didn’t happen right when Danny locked them out but at least it happened that night. Lacey asking for Jo not to be invited to that party was just mean! You’re supposed to ask for your friends to be invited to things, not for them to not be invited. They were supposed to be there to support each other but instead Lacey abandoned her. Who does that? Who decides to throw away years of friendship because the third person in their trio killed someone? Yeah, she said Jo was hard to be around. She should have talked to her and let her know that she was making it difficult. She shouldn’t have just dropped her; Jo needed someone too.

I love that the mothers are becoming friends again. When Tess first mentioned the two of them getting high, I assumed that Karen would be the one to slip up (if either of them did). I’m happy I was wrong. No one else knows that Danny had Tara’s necklace, Tess has one less secret to live with, and they seemed to move forward from it within the same night.

Kyle is getting on my last nerve. He needs to get real! Danny isn’t automatically guilty because he’s killed before and he isn’t guilty because he’s hanging out with Jo. She’s not going to get physically hurt. Even if Danny were the killer, I don’t think he’d hurt Jo. From a calculated point of view, it would be stupid. Jo is the only one that’s always on his side. If he were going to kill again, he’d be smarter than to kill someone that is always around him.


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Thought Provokers

  1. So, why was there an apartment out of state in Vikram’s name? Was he leasing it before he died or was someone else leasing it in his name before he died? The guard said the person who leased it died a couple of months back but … was he paid to say that?
  2. Why was that apartment empty with the door wedged open? Are doors to empty apartments usually left ajar in the middle of the night, or was some ‘squatter’ trying to get out of there in a hurry when the guard told him/her that people were asking questions?
  3. Has Vikram actually been alive all this time (like they mentioned in episode 1, his body was never found) and the apartment was empty because he recently moved out?
  4. Who sent that envelope and cash to Regina? Why did they send it? Was someone in that apartment using Vikram’s name or was Vikram sending it and he wasn’t really dead?

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

Best quote of the episode goes to Jo for “You lovesick moron.”

Other worthy mentions include:

  • “Jo, what the hell? The Civil War was just about to start.” ~ Rico
  • “Oh, no. Jo and I didn’t have any plans to study tonight … unless she said we had plans to study tonight in which case she’s late. Darn her.” ~ Rico
  • The security guards reply to Danny: “Weren’t you ever a teen with a crush?”
    The guard’s reply: “Sure, but not on a woman with four kids.”
  • “Let’s say someone finds something or sees something that doesn’t clear his name, or unclears it worse, or makes it less clear.” ~ Rico

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. Maybe the apartment was Vikram’s love shack before he died (Karen did say their marriage wasn’t perfect) and they haven’t changed the name in the system because no one has leased the apartment yet.
  2. Maybe Regina somehow found out he was alive and he was paying her to keep quiet. Things went bad and he killed her.
  3. Maybe Vikram and Regina were having an affair. Maybe it ended and he was paying Regina to stay quiet.
  4. Maybe Regina found out Vikram was having an affair with someone else (perhaps Tess) and, again, he was paying her to keep quiet.
  5. Maybe the envelope wasn’t actually sent from that apartment. It’s very easy to write the wrong address on an envelope. Maybe whoever was sending the money put that apartment because they knew about Vikram and wanted to frame him in case they got caught.


On a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode 4 ½ stars. It left us with a lot of questions, a lot of possibilities for why things are happening, answered absolutely zero questions and left us with many more.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

© 2013 info-overload


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    • MusadiqueKhan profile image

      Musadiq Khan 

      6 years ago from Pakistan

      I loved it :)


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