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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, We Need To Talk About Danny

Updated on January 19, 2014

I love that Danny has at least one guy friend! His friendship with Rico was growing before Rico started turning into the freaking Hulk whenever Jo mentioned/was around Danny but at least Cole is still talking to him. Hopefully Cole doesn’t go with the consensus that Danny poisoned him.

Speaking of Danny poisoning Cole, someone is trying to frame Danny and it is working. At least I hope he’s being framed. I think it is Archie. He’s the one who made sure to point out that Danny was working with Cole earlier that day.

It was nice that Danny and his mom got to talk without accusations and snarking. I think it set the stage for the later conversation in which Danny didn’t ask his mom if she knew of Vikram’s apartment out of state. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings … or he didn’t want to tell her that he found out about the apartment because he violated his probation by leaving the state because he was looking for the person that sent a letter that they didn’t tell anyone about.

It like that this Tyler guy (played by Chris Zylka) invited Jo to the party because of her “cute smile” and not because she was friends with “the socio”. It’s nice to see her get attention from people other than suspected killers and diner booth warmers.

I hate that Lacey doesn’t want to be seen talking to Jo and Danny. But I guess if her “popular” friends saw them talking, they’d stop talking to her (and answering questions). At least, I assume she doesn’t want to be seen with Danny or Jo because she wants her “popular” friends to continue answering questions.


Wow, here’s a shocker, Danny didn’t answer Lacey when she asked why he killed Aunt Tara. Instead he just changed the subject. It may have been real feelings but it was crap timing to discuss them and you knew it but it was okay. They got to question him later on in the episode during the cemetery party, not they he answered them then either. He changed the subject before telling the girls anything useful, again. And then he got mad at them for keeping a secret from him for like five minutes! It wasn’t like it was five years! And like Jo said, they did end up telling him.


Rico is too jealous for his own good. What made him think he had the right to monitor Jo’s conversations or her crushes? He was acting like a controlling jerk! Maybe she didn’t want to get over her crush.

Danny knew Jo was grounded but he still said that they would go to the cemetery party! I know he needed to blow off some steam but … wtf? He didn’t even consider what would happen to her if she got caught. Also, Jo didn’t have to go. She clearly said that she couldn’t go because she was grounded. She should have stuck to her guns. She needs to show Danny that he can’t just push her around.

I hate when teenagers use the phrase ‘in love’. Even when I was a teen I hated hearing people that were my age use that phrase. It’s actually a pet peeve of mine. Teenagers that say they are ‘in love’ remind me of an Asian man coming to America for the first time and using the phrase ‘break a leg’. He can say the words and he even knows the definition of each word but the concept of the phrase (as a whole) is completely foreign to him.

It was nice that Kyle called and gave Karen a good reference but, again, he only did it because he thinks he can get something out of it. Like I implied in episode 3, he doesn’t do anything unless he thinks he can benefit from it! I guess it doesn’t matter, though. At least Karen got the job, right?

I’m so happy that “Archie, we need to talk” was the beginning of a break up conversation. Although, it does suck that she went straight to Danny’s house. And then she says “no one can know”? Excuse me? That isn’t fair to Danny!

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Thought Provokers

  1. The fact that Sarita seems to brush off any mention of Regina seems suspicious to me. Does this add some weight to my mentioning that she might have been involved in Regina’s death?
  2. So, apparently Danny’s father stopped visiting him long before he died. I guess they weren’t as close as everyone thought they were. I wonder why?
  3. What happened when Tara and Vikram were kids that caused a rift?
  4. What rift is big enough to make siblings hate each other but small enough that one sibling allows the other to watch his child?
  5. What could Tara have possibly done to destroy Danny’s family and ruin his life?
  6. How did Danny know what Tara was going to do and how did it involve Jo?

Best Quote Of The Episode!

Best quote of the episode goes to someone new, this time. The award goes to Phoebe during the cemetery party with: “I feel like I’m in a horror film and this is the part where someone comes and just butchers us all.”

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. Maybe Tara was going to “destroy” Danny’s family and “ruin” his life by telling everyone that Vikram was having an affair.
  2. Maybe Vikram was having an affair with Tess and maybe Tara knew about it. Maybe this affair stems back years and maybe Jo and Danny are actually siblings. Danny somehow found out and found out that Tara was going to tell everyone so Danny killed her because of it.


On a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a 5. It showed a different side to some of the characters and showed some of the characters branching out. There were still a lot of questions left at the end of the episode but hey, that’s what keeps up going back for more.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

© 2013 info-overload


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