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Aries Compatibility with Other Signs of the Zodiac

Updated on April 4, 2012

What are the best matches for an Aries sign?

Hey Aries! Have you ever wondered what sun signs you are compatible with? Well, hopefully this will help break things down when it comes to you and your relationships with these other signs.

Aries + Aries=Aries love to dominate and when the two are combined, this can cause conflict. However, there is a great amount of passion between these signs. If they do not have common interests, it would do less damage unless both are willing to compromise.

Aries + Taurus = Taurus is a reliable mate for the Aries, but Taurus can be a jealous and rather possessive sign and can be too much for Aries to handle. Aries’ need for freedom may make the Taurus feel rejected. If they can get used to and accept this aspect about their differences, in time things can progress for the greater good.

Aries + Gemini = Aries and Gemini will enjoy expanding their horizons together and will have plenty to talk about along the way. Their way of thinking coincides with the other for they are very adaptable to change and oftentimes encourage it. Aries will be ready to face any challenges with their Gemini and together they can get things accomplished.

Aries + Cancer = Cancer is too emotional for the Aries sign. Aries likes to control, leaving Cancer to withdraw and hide in their shell of a home. The attraction may be intense at the beginning, but their differences are far too great to overcome. Cancer is always getting wounded by words. Aries is always getting frustrated with Cancer’s sensitivity. Not a good match at all.

Aries + Leo = This proves to be a very promising relationship. These two signs have the ability to compromise very well. They do both like to dominate; however, they will do so in different ways. Leo demonstrates more patience believe it or not, but Aries will remain more optimistic. If these two signs are able to really compromise and know what their roles are, this pairing can be a happily ever after with a deep understanding and mutual connection.

Aries + Virgo = Virgo is too critical and picky for the Aries sign. They have many differences as Virgo likes to do things their own way whereas Aries would desire things to be done his/her way. Virgo likes to do things at their own pace without pressure from Aries, and Aries would not tolerate Virgo’s need for perfection. These two can make it with friendship, but not as lovers.

Aries + Libra = While Aries is looking for action, Libra prefers peace and tranquility. They both have similarities as far as the social aspect and their liking to be able to communicate with different people, but Libra will want to break free from being under Aries control. Aries enjoys adventure, but calm slow-paced Libra will want to take things at their own stride without being rushed.

Aries + Scorpio = Aries makes Scorpio feel insecure. They both need to be in control and Scorpio will not stand for anything less. The sexual chemistry may be quite exciting, but it is their emotions and how they handle them that may be the recipe for disaster. This pairing is short-lived.

Aries + Sagittarius = These signs are very similar. They are both impulsive and sharp-tongued. Overall, they are spontaneous and enjoy each other’s company. Aries, again, likes change and gets bored easily and Sagittarius is the right sign to keep up with this kind of person. They don’t like to be held down in one place. These signs compliment each other well so overall definitely a great match!

Aries + Capricorn = Both of these signs need to dominate the other. Aries works on impulse much like a Sagittarius and an Aries does not take things as seriously as a Capricorn. However, Capricorn sees Aries as courageous and looks up to them. Aries will eventually appreciate Capricorn’s strength when it comes to getting things done and prioritized. These signs both must be able to give a little in order for this kind of relationship to work.

Aries + Aquarius = Aquarians are more independent than Aries is. Aries may feel insecure and neglected due to the Aquarian unpredictability. They both have similar interests though, and with little tactfulness and understanding, these two signs can reach above and beyond together.

Aries + Pisces = Pisces is a rather shy sign and Aries has just what It takes to coax them out of their shyness. Aries is the leader and Pisces doesn’t mind being led, as long as it feels right and is heading towards the right direction for the best. However, Aries may use words that wound sensitive Pisces and they may run in the other direction and never look back. All in all, their differences can compliment one other, but in this pairing Aries must be the one to bend a little more and be a little bit more understanding.

As you can see, Aries is a very dominant sign of the zodiac. Their element is fire and they get along best with other fire signs. However, they prove to be more compatible than just fire signs, but Aries needs someone who is able to keep up with them and someone who truly understands their adventurous nature.


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      christopher9882 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

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