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Army Wives Cast

Updated on June 20, 2011

I’m not much of a TV viewer, instead I prefer to be online blogging, tweeting, or freelance writing, not to mention hanging out with family/friends, or reading a book. However, I must say when I do watch TV, it’s all about Army Wives. The show gets my full attention every Sunday. I’m especially happy they offer full episodes on My LifeTime online of past shows.

I don’t know much about army life, except from what I learn on Army Wives, but the lives of the women on this show is so interesting and even inspirational. The show makes you realize what real army wives have to go through and the sacrifices they have to make. Being an army wife is not for everyone, that’s for sure. An army wife has to be emotionally strong, and of course, we learn from the show that is very hard for some. I’ve read on the My LifeTime Army Wives blog and comments from real army wives, that the show is so similar to real life Army living. That is comforting to know, plus the show seems so authentic.

I didn’t start watching Army Wives until the beginning of Season 2, and haven’t stopped since.

I wanted to take a moment to post briefly about each female character on the show, and what I take away from each one.

REAL NAME: Kim Delaney
CHARACTER NAME: Claudia Joy Holten

She’s sort of my favorite. I like Claudia Joy’s character the most in the sense that she tries to be the strong one to everyone - her friends and family. She has a really good heart. She’s like the perfect wife and mother. She’s the urban version of a “Leave-it-to-Beaver-Wife. ”She’s the type of friend where she will be there for you through thick and thin.

I empathize with her for the lost of her daughter. That known fact stays fresh in the show, I’ve noticed, even though it happened in Season 1. I admire her for going back to law school and getting her degree. Her husband absolutely adores her, and they’ve been married for about 17 years. . Everyone does. Her best friend on the show is obviously Denise. When I think about Claudia Joy, I have one word for her: Genuine.

REAL NAME: Sally Pressman

Roxy is kind of the wild and bold one. She excepted a marriage proposal after 4 days knowing her now husband. I can identify with her in a way as far as being a young single mom before she was married that is. She’s one who sort-of-speak started at the bottom and rose herself to the top. Roxy has a lot of spunk, ambition, and determination.

She is also a really good mom to her two boys. She definitely takes charge when she has to. Her best friend on the show is Pamela. When I think about Roxy, I have one word for her: Sassy.

REAL NAME: Brigid Brannagh

Pamela is kind of a tough one to nail at times. Roxy and her spend the most time together. She’s a good mom to her two kids. She holds a secret that some may not know, but she gave birth to twins due to the fact that she was a surrogate mother. She received $50,000 for this, so her and her husband Chase could pay off some bills. She endured a rocky marriage, divorced, got back on her feet, and started her career back as a cop. I think she gave up on her husband too quick when she divorced him, but that’s just my opinion.

However, she remarried him, so she obviously thought she gave up on him too quick as well. She can be tough as well. If she’s not happy with something, she definitely addresses it, that’s for sure. She speaks her mind most of the time, and I’ve noticed is somewhat stuck in her ways. When I think about Pamela, I have one word for her: Confident

REAL NAME: Catherine Bell
CHARACTER NAME: Denise Sherwood

Denise is an interesting character. She can be overly emotional at times. Her son Jeremy used to beat on her, she had an affair on her husband, and almost lost her marriage and her son Jeremy was suddenly killed in Afghanistan, while in the war. In season 5, she’s a new mom all over again to daughter Molly. All she’s really ever known is the army life. If it weren’t for Claudia Joy, I really don’t know how Denise would have gotten through some of the things she’s endured. When I think about Denise, I actually have two words for her: Attention-Grabber

REAL NAME: Wendy Davis
CHARACTER NAME: Lt. Colonel Joan Burton

Joan grew up in the South side of Chicago. I can identify with Joan, not only because she’s an African American, but also, she has a very determined spirit. Joan has two sides to her: Family Joan and Hard Core Army Joan. I admire her strength. However, sometimes she takes her career way too seriously. But let’s face it, she's a woman with a high rank, and it’s the Army, so she has to. She’s always on her toes. She’s definitely on top of her game.

I was surprised she had her daughter, considering how devoted she was to her career, but I was glad she did, because it expresses her softer and feminine side. Plus, having a daughter added to the family overall tone to the show. In Season 5, they adopted a young boy who appears to be around 11 or 12 who is HIV positive. I'm not sure how many parents would do that, but I can only applaud them for taking on such a huge responsibility.

Regarding Joan, one thing I do wish was different was, I wish she was closer to the other Army Wives, instead, her husband Roland is very close to the other wives. It seems unusual in real life, but it’s a nice fit. When I think about Joan, I have one word for her: Courageous.

Catch an episode of Army Wives every Sunday at 9pmET/8pmCT, or Visit: Army Wives on MyLifeTime.


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