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Arno Janssen Sing-and Songwriter

Updated on December 8, 2011

Arno Janssen

Arno was born 1964 in a little town Sint-Oedenrode in the Netherlands.

At the age of three he started playing on a plastic harmonica that came out of a pack of Omo washing powder. Then carrying on with flute and organ lessons. At the age of fourteen homemade musician and mastered the piano and guitar. At sixteen he played in his first band(The Mess, never come to performances, but he discovered his voice),

Then two different rock'n'roll band of which he was (co-)founder: Crazy Cadillac and Jumping Jukebox. After he moved to France (1997) until the end of 2008 he didn´t actually do anything with his musical skills.

Winter 2008 inspired by his wife and children and his Dutch "neighbors" Job and Jolande (George Baker´s "Little Green Bag" and Lucifer´s "house for sale ") he began writing and recording again.

Every year new songs are composed at home, in his "studio". 18 of them are made into YouTube videos.

If I say I´m sorry

Remember my name



I am

Jumping Jukebox - cd Cry Out


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