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Around the World in 80 Treasures Episode 1 Lesson Plan Questions

Updated on September 22, 2008

Episode 1: Peru to Brazil

Treasure 1: Macchu Picchu

What culture built Macchu Pichu?


What is surprising about the size of the city gate?

It is small because they did not have the wheel and did not need it to be larger than a regular doorway.

What was the estimated population of Macchu Pichu?


How did water get to Macchu Pichu?

From the high mountains through canals and waterfall

What is the most important temple at Macchu Pichu?

Temple of the Sun

Treasure 2: Inca Salt Pans

How do the Salt Pans work?

Salt water flows through the pans and leaves behind the salt as the sun evaporates the water

Treasure 3: The Nazca Lines

How must one view this treasure to fully enjoy it?

From the air

What are two of the images the lines make?

Monkey, spider, hummingbird

Treasure 4: Spider Necklace of Sipan

How old is the necklace?

About 2,000 years old

Describe the symbolism of the spider.

Ritual Sacrifice, drinking blood of sacrifices, the people’s beliefs

Treasure 5: Chan Chan

What is Chan Chan built out of?


Who lived here?

Chimu people

Treasure 6: The Moai of Easter Island

How did the island get its name of Easter Island?

Europeans discovered it on Easter

What are the Moai believed to represent?

Dead ancestors

What replaced worship of the Moai?

Birdman cult

Treasure 7: Umahara Headdress

What are the headdresses made from?

Human hair and parrot feathers

Treasure 8: Christ the Redeemer

What does the statue celebrate?

Freedom from Portugal


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