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Around the World in 80 Treasures Episode 5 Lesson Plan Questions

Updated on September 23, 2008

Episode 5: India to Sri Lanka

Treasure 33: Durga

Who must bless the mud used in making the Durga?


What is Durga an incarnation of?


Treasure 34: Sigiriya

Why was the palace built?

To protect the ruler from his brother

What is Sigiriya portrayed as?

A Playboy palace, place of lust

What is halfway up the rock?

Lion’s feet

What does Sigiriya mean?

Lion’s jaw

Treasure 35: Giant Buddha of Polonnaruwa

When was this Buddha created?


What does the lying down Buddha represent?

Nirvana, escaping the world

Treasure 36: Buddha’s Tooth

What is the form of the casket the tooth it in?

A bell form

How many caskets are there inside each other?


Treasure 37: Spices of Cochin

What is one of the local spices?

Ginger, tumeric, pepper

What is the importance of spices?

Flavors food, preserves food

Treasure 38: Meenakshi Temple

What is one of the things on the columns in the 1,000 Column Hall?

Women dancers, naked Shiva

What god does he make an offering to?

God of overcomer of obstacles

Treasure 39: Jantar Mantar Observatory

How many instruments are there?

12, one for each zodiac

How accurate is the sundial?

Within 2 seconds

Treasure 40: The Taj Mahal

One is one way the Taj Mahal is decorated?

With Arabic lettering

How long did it take to make the Taj Mahal?

20 years

What type of building is the Taj Mahal?



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