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Art and Business Should the Two Be Separate

Updated on October 25, 2012

Does minding your own business affect the ability to create.

Should music artist separate their work from the business side of things because they feel that the business aspects will impair their ability to create.

Knowing your business and how it works is just as important as the creation of the work itself. So the questions remains will your art suffer from your being involved with the business aspects, or will you suffer as an artist because you failed to recognize you don't have enough experience as to how business is done, and so you work goes un-produced, unseen, unheard, and unheralded and you make no money at the end of the day.

Should you rely heavily upon others to take care of your business, because you feel you cannot do both? There is so much to lose because of not taking responsibility for the business part of ones career and leaving it in the hands of others. This means you will have to trust that these people will have your best interest at heart, it also means that you must trust them to understand what your dreams and goals are as an artist-musician-singer-songwriter-band and the direction you are try to go in. Consequently, and most importantly does the fact that some else does the heavy lifting of business for you, or the investing of monies in you creativity entitle them to ownership of that creativity when all is said and done.

Balancing Creativity with Business

Life in and of itself is a balancing act. I know a lot of creative folks who feel that anything besides doing their art is a distraction and a nuisance, and for many more they just can't do it at all or see how the business aspect relates to their creativity. Understandably, this is where managers and PR people come into play, while record companies focus on getting the music recorded, published, packaged and ready for distribution to radio, retailers, and digital distributers. This is all followed up by legalities, copyrights, contracts, agreements, royalty collections agents, and on and on, and yes it can be mind boggling and emotionally overwhelming to attempt alone.

Never mind that all this needs to take place, while getting an artist or band's latest release into the Billboard, Cashbox, Variety lottery, of will the album sell enough to make a profit back to pay all of the people involved and show a financial return to the investors, or even will there be at the very least a top 40 rating never mind a number 1 hit single or two to help promote and propel the artist/band to star status.

Professional Naysayer's

I really do appreciate all the comments by those whose job it is to make all of that happen, and who say that the DIY model is a fantasy for complainers and losers who want to fail. And yes there are individuals and record, publishing companies, and PR marketing firms that have been successfully and competently doing business for decades for many artists, and yes it can and does take a great deal of financing to get this work done and promoted properly, but to say that the artist by himself can not pursue these business avenues is both a myth and a fallacy. Ignorance is definitely not bliss in the entertainment business, as many artist and musicians can attest too.

But, and this is a really big but here, there are so many talent and undiscovered entertainers, singers, musicians, songwriters, and bands out there in the world that if given the chance, they could individually and collectively could put whole armies of people to work, and there really is room enough for all to play out there on the playing field, cause it's not really a small world after all as the song says.

A Bigger Playing Field Means More Competition

I believe a playing field with more teams and players on it will only encourage better music material to be created by artist, I mean isn't that the unifying principle behind capitalism, that competition helps to spur on free enterprise, new ideas and innovations.

One last point here, We are in the middle of Great Depression not a recession as the government would have us believe, and during the last Great Depression the entertainment industry was the ticket that help people to get through to the other side of daylight from the dark tunnel they were in emotionally, socially and financially.

So instead of this limited pool of entertainers, musicians, and bands as is preordained by record companies and business executives who only see a financial bottom line, producing mediocre material and artist at best in most cases, being pushed on the public by means of round the clock media promotions on radio, television, and now the Internet. We should strive to let more artists, musicians, songwriters, and performers through the door and artist should also strive to have a better understanding and bigger stake in their business affairs.

Current Industries Professionals and their Seat at the Table

We do live in interesting times don't we, and its a positive step in the right direction, although, I think a lot of people whose jobs it is and was to make things like this happen for artist are worried and upset, I think they feel like they are being dismissed from the dinner table before the main course is served, when really they should be trying to figure out how they to can benefit from the new paradigm change, so as to have a seat at the table.


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