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As a Talented Singer, Can The X Factor Help You Do Better?

Updated on September 10, 2016
Alex & Sierra: Winners of the X Factor USA season 3
Alex & Sierra: Winners of the X Factor USA season 3 | Source

For few years I have been watching the X Factor, I have obviously found the reality TV show as a very stiff competition with intense situations. Looking at the action of the audience, mixed reactions of the judges, and nervousness of the contestants, X Factor can be really fun to watch; especially when it comes to awkward auditions. Besides, it's a competition!

Following the UK and US versions of the X Factor, I have observed some certain issues the contestants have with their mentors during the show; especially when it comes to bringing out that potentials in the arts. However, with the observations I have seen so far, which am going to share in details probably in my next article, I have realized that there are some mistakes mentors make with their arts. But, in this article, am going to give a little view about them.

Before I proceed to those views, am going to first share the Good News about the X Factor, and then, the Bad News behind it.

The Good News

As a contestant, finally making it to the live shows, you have many benefits in front of you that you can grasp if you are smart enough. These benefits are numerous for any good singer who wants to launch a great musical career. However, due to the hideous advantages, I decided to provide the most important four:

  • Exposure/Experience
  • Identity
  • Fame
  • Wealth


Indispensably, being exposed and getting experiences are part of the things you gain on The X Factor. Exposure on The X Factor gives you more insight in the music industry. You can learn a lot about what people like, how to organize your songs, vocals, instruments, and tours. Beside those, you can acquire the knowledge on how to manage or eradicate too much pressure while performing to a large crowd.

However, one thing again about The X Factor is that it gives you the opportunity to mix and work with legends─ connecting with the ones along your path of identity can be a plus. Above all, exposure makes arts wise, and impacts them tones of experiences.

Thousands of audience in the live shows
Thousands of audience in the live shows


Some talented singers may know how to sing some varieties of songs, but they may find it difficult to know which type or genre they fit best. This is where x factor may come in to help; through the judges/mentors.

The show may help you in finding your true identity, such as which genre matches your voice─ whether it's Country, Reggae, Pop, Hip-hop, or Gospel music. So, knowing your true identity is very important because it shows you the type of record you should be making.


Of course most people, if not everybody, want to be famous and known by every atom. The renown is a sure thing to profit once you appear on the x factor stage. The level of recognition rises once you make it to the live shows. From fame, you can acquire respect. Some would like to tag you as their role model, an idol, and try to follow your steps.

Special invitations, tours, and business vendors keep your fame rating stars prominent, because they all want you to be part of their activities.


Beyond all reasonable doubt, wealth is part of what all people want; money to support their families, for personal stuffs, and other necessities. With money, you achieve a lot. Some may find the opportunity to be philanthropists, which they couldn't achieve much when there was no capital. But, money comes in "huge" when you win.

The Bad News

The X Factor can be a big disadvantage for you as a talented singer. However, based on what I have seen so far, I managed to bring out the most important reasons why The X Factor might be a "bad news" for some young talented singers:

  • Criticism
  • Misidentification


Critiques can be very tough to swallow. They can blend you or break you at one piece, depending on how strong your nature seems to be.

In 2012, on the X Factor USA: Season 2, during the one-art elimination of the Over 25s, David Correy and Jason Brock battled for a place to the next round by singing any song of their respective choices; L.A. Reid (their mentor) decides who goes home after they have performed, respectively. David Correy came out first to perform before Jason Brock. So, after Brock sang "One Moment In Time" by Whitey Houston, Simon Cowell damned the arts by saying: "You're asking me to judge two horses that are coming last in a race, because I can't believe either of these guys can win!" Now, that critique was rude.

Words like that can make you lose confidence about who you are, and they can shut your dream on launching a good musical career. So, can you handle negative critiques?

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Being on X Factor can help you discover your identity, but it can also help you miss your true identity. This issue is what I have observed mostly, and what it all boils down to is understandability of the mentor towards the art. When your mentor misunderstands the type of genre or song that suits your vocal, that's where the problem starts.

For instants─ this problem occurred between Demi Lovato and Willie Jones (including Cece Frey) during the second series of the X Factor USA. Willie Jones was suppose to be given more of nice country songs to match his unique voice, and Cece, on the other hand, was suppose to sing more of powerful soul songs.

Unfortunately for them, Demi couldn't understand their identities; instead she deviated and turned them into something else. However, for me, I don't blame any of them because they are humans and do make mistakes.

Best of Willie Jones

Bottom Line

The X factor can really help you build your dreams, as well as destroy them─ whether it'll be a permanent or temporary destruction depends solely on you. Still, according to my observation, X Factor is a great medium for any talented singer; only if you can handle the pressure, stress, and critiques. Try and find your identity, make good use of it anywhere (anytime) you find yourself. And if you must pass any reality TV shows like The X Factor, you must have to be prepared to take and neutralize any blow it gives you.


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