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As The Fall Season Approaches I'm Debating Which Shows I'll Continue To Watch

Updated on August 7, 2013

Just what will I watch?

I've been watching and loving TV since I was a kid. I used to anxiously await for the new fall season to begin. But this year I'm not that anxious, as aside from Nikita, there's not really any of the returning shows I was watching that I'm even sure I want to continue watching.

Revenge -- I quit watching Revenge before the season was even over and nothing I've heard about it even makes me want to turn back in. The show actually jumped the shark in it's first season when it was revealed Amanda Clarke had an entire village behind her, with no explanation for it. It only got worse when they said some big international organization of evil was behind David Clarke's downfall. Add the wooden boy, Aidan, who is painful to watch, and I just had enough. The show made a huge mistake continuing with Amanda's revenge. After the first season she should have been outted as being Amanda Clarke and someone else should have been the one wanting revenge. So I definitely won't be tuning back into this show if I can find anything better on when it's on.

Nashville -- I love soap operas and I really tried to give this show a chance, but it was just dreadful. What made it worse is because ABC could make money off it with the music they can sell it got coddled and given a chance, while a much superior and better written show like Last Resort got stuck in a show killer time slot and not given another chance to flourish is a better time slot. It just got cancelled. By the time I quit watching this show I had dubbed it with the name Trashville. Don't really see anything that would inspire me to ever subject myself to this show, again.

Once Upon A Time -- I did watch it til it's season finale, but the pleasure I got watching it in season one had all but vanished and I was watching it more because I blog it. What killed this show is it went from an ensemble cast to being all about the boring and dull Charming family. The two best characters on the show: Regina and Rump got sacrificed on their altar. Nothing I've heard about this show for the coming season makes me want to watch it. There were only a handful of episodes that were even good last year. Do I really want to subject myself to another season of the Charming dreck?

Revolution -- I stopped watching it when I got sick of the show being the Charlie Show, but ended up watching the final episodes because most of the shows got wrapped up in early May and the show was running episodes to June. While not over the moon about this show since there is literally not one decent character to root-for on this show, as most of the characters are corrupt, I am curious what will happen now the lights got turned back on. So I'll probably end up watching this show when it's back.

The Vampire Diaries -- Damon was actually the character that kept me watching, but since he got paired with Elena the character is just a shadow of his former self. I began to realize I'm actually losing interest in him. He has had any character development since season two. I'm also tired of how the show placates Paul Wesley. He wanted to play another villain so they've given him Silas. I saw him play the Ripper and he wasn't impressive in the part. Seeing him get to play another villain actually bores me to death. The best actor to play a villain on this show has been Ian Somerhalder and I think he would have really killed it as Silas, but what Paul wants Paul gets. Not to mention Julie Plec has pretty much hacked up all the characters to appease whatever shipper group she was trying to give what they wanted. I might tune in to see how the show fares now the godawful Originals have been ejected from the show, but I might not.

Grey's Anatomy -- I'll probably tune in. I could care less about Callie and Arizona. I am curious what will happen with Owen and Cristina and if the Chief will survive. Last year, they killed off too many characters. I guess how long I keep tuning in will depend on the stories they tell this year.

Dancing With The Stars -- Depending on what ABC Family has to offer, which is actually becoming the network I'm watching most these days, I may tune in again. I didn't watch last season because I didn't even know who 95% of the the so-called stars featured even were. Since they've decided to copy So You Think You Can Dance and only have one show a week, meaning the long drawn out results show is a thing of the history, I may tune in to see how that goes.

I think the even bigger problem is that most of the new shows they've been promoting don't interest me in the least. Only one seems slightly interesting and hopefully different. It's called Betrayal. Unfortunately, ABC is sticking it into another of its death time slots. Sunday at 10. Pretty much all the shows I've watched in that time slot have been cancelled.

The lottery show was done before with Luke Perry and doesn't interest me in the least. Nor do any of the new sitcoms. It just seems none of the networks are offering anything fresh or new. That's why I liked Last Resort last season. It was something new.

I also don't want to watch a reboot of an old show. Blair Underwood as Ironside seems to have disaster written all over it. The only reboot of an old show that's proven a success is Dallas and that had a lot to do with them bringing back key cast members from the original show. Raymond Burr is dead and I haven't seen Barbara Anderson, Don Galloway or Don Mitchell in anything recently.

It's really sad to say, but for me this is the worst upcoming TV season. A great show like Nikita is being dumped after giving the CW enough syndication episodes and some once good shows have hit the skids because of bad writing and mismanagement. I'm really not looking forward to it with any kind of anticipation.


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