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Asami Kimura Pop Music Singer & Former Member of Girl Group Country Musume

Updated on July 9, 2020
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A First Look At Asami Kimura

Asami Kimura is pictured here wearing a futsal or an indoor soccer kind of uniform.
Asami Kimura is pictured here wearing a futsal or an indoor soccer kind of uniform. | Source

Who Is Asami Kimura & Why Is She Famous?

It was reported back in 2014 that Japanese pop music group Country Musume will reform under a new name in the winter of 2014-2015 and they would end up with a new lineup of members. That new group would start its activities under the name Country Girls. One of the members of Country Musume was pop music singer Asami Kimura. Asami Kimura is known as having been the second leader of the group Country Musume which was formed back in 1999 by Morning Musume producer TSUNKU. Note: Country Musume would change its name to Country Girls.

How Was Country Musume Formed?

The objective was to recruit country girls from the region of Hokkaido. In her time in the entertainment industry, Kimura was also a member of the futsal team called Gatas Brilhantes H.P. Asami Kimura sang vocals on the Country Musume album Country Musume Daizenshhuu 1. She was under contract with the Zetima record label, the same label that released Morning Musume’s album called 10 My Me in 2010.

Asami Kimura Had Not Been Involved With Entertainment Related Activities Until Recently

Kimura graduated from Country Musume in 2007 following a winter concert. She still lives in Tokyo and she is very fond of dogs. During her graduation ceremony, Kimura said that she might pursue a career that involves working with animals.

As of 2020, it is known that Kimura returned to Hokkaido and started a YouTube channel which is very different from the aspirations that she had before.

So who is Asami Kimura?


Asami Kimura Interesting Facts

Profile of Japanese Pop Music Singer Asami Kimura

  • Her date of birth is July 17, 1984.
  • Her nickname is Asa-chan.
  • Her place of birth is Hokkaido, Japan.
  • She is listed as being 148 centimeters tall.
  • Asami’s hobbies include watching movies, music listening, reading comic books, and playing video games.
  • Her favorite colors are light blue, orange, and black.
  • Asami’s favorite flowers are the hydrangeas.
  • Her favorite seasons are summer and winter.
  • Her favorite word that she uses is seriously.
  • Her favorite foods are heavy and they are meat, livers placed on a skewer and intestines.
  • Her least favorite food is Gingko Nuts.

Photos of Asami Kimura With Other Members of Country Musume In the Past

With Rika Ishikawa (middle) and Rinne Toda (right) sometime in the early 2000's.
With Rika Ishikawa (middle) and Rinne Toda (right) sometime in the early 2000's. | Source
With Miuna Saitou (left) and Mai Satoda (right).
With Miuna Saitou (left) and Mai Satoda (right).

How Did Asami Kimura Become the Leader of the Group Then Known as Country Musume?

Prior to her assuming the leadership role for Country Musume, Rinne Toda preceded her as the group’s first leader. Asami Kimura became the leader of Country Musume in October 2002 when Rinne Toda left the group announcing that she wanted to have a career as a stage actress with Up-Front Agency.

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