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All about Ash Ketchum – his Pokémon list, friends, rivals and more

Updated on June 2, 2012

Those that are familiar with the Pokémon animation know that the main character and trainer is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. The show basically talks about his journey in the Pokémon world to becoming a Pokémon master. For those that are fans of the animation and Pokémon in general, this hub will be a very fun read. Those that don't know much about the show should read this hub and discover the fun world of Pokémon trainers, breeders, coordinators and more.

Ash Ketchum's main Pokémon and best friend is a Pikachu. Pikachu was Ash's starter Pokémon that he got from professor Oak's laboratory when he started his journey. At first, the electric mouse didn't seem to like his new trainer at all and laughed at Ash's attempts to catch a wild Pokémon by himself. However, Ash eventually gained Pikachu's trust and they became best friends. He didn't like to be in a Pokeball so he was kept outside with Ash all the time. Over time, Pikachu became very strong because of its frequent training and battling. Overall, Pikachu is a loyal friend and Pokémon to Ash.

Ash's Pikachu using iron tail move
Ash's Pikachu using iron tail move

Ash Ketchum's strongest Pokémon: No doubt, Ash's strongest Pokémon would have to be his Charizard. This Pokémon has defeated many major opponents for Ash. He is still training with other Charizards to better himself. Pikachu is also a strong Pokémon because it has defeated many strong opponents for Ash in gym and league battles. A very strong Snorlax appeared in the orange islands; Ash captured it to prevent him from eating all the fruits on the islands. This powerhouse eater is extremely strong and won many battles for Ash Ketchum. Recently, Ash caught a Gible, a very strong and rare dragon type Pokémon in the Sinnoh region. When Gible reaches his final evolution, it would be very interesting because it is already a pretty strong battler as a Gible. I don't understand why Ash didn't take him to the Unova region for more training. So, in my opinion, Ash's Charizard, Pikachu, Gible and Snorlax are his most powerful Pokémon. However, Ash also has other Pokémon that are quite powerful too. I can't wait until Ash trains his Gible and it evolves into a powerful Garchomp.

Aside from these major powerhouses, Ash has other Pokémon that are pretty strong as well. Ash's Heracross, his most powerful bug type Pokémon, is quite strong and defeated Pokémon that have an advantage over it. Sceptile is a very powerful grass type Pokémon that is able to defeat a Darkari, legendary Pokémon owned by Tobias in the Sinnoh league. It is a fully evolved and prideful Pokémon that fights very hard for its trainer. Ash's Infernape is quite strong and was able to finally defeat its rival Electivire and former trainer Paul. However, it needs more training because it has not quite developed its true strength yet. Ash's other Pokémon also trains very hard to better themselves and win battles for Ash.

Ash Ketchum's battle style: His battle style depends on the situation; Ash does not plan or try to make strategies ahead of time. He is more of a go with the flow type trainer and comes up with unconventional yet effective tactics to win the battle. Ash doesn't just go for particularly powerful Pokémon like some of his rivals, he tends to train all types of Pokémon that comes his way. Ash relies on the bonds that he has with all of his Pokémon to gain the upper hand / win a battle. He overcame lots of strong trainers with even legendary Pokémon with his experience and skill. Ash is definitely on the road to becoming a Pokémon master.

Ash Ketchum's Pokémon capture style: One of Ash's main capture styles is go with the flow. A lot of time, Ash's potential Pokémon see how much Ash cares for it and decides to join his team without any battling. Other times, Ash battled Pokémon in order to capture it because they were causing him or other people problems. Unlike his rivals that concentrate on building up power, Ash never really went after a particularly breed of powerful Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum's friends and travel companions: In every region that Ash traveled, he had at least two other companions with him. This makes the animation that much more interesting. If he had traveled by himself all the time, Ash would missed out on lots of excitement and chances to know other people's Pokémon. Out of all of his companions, Brock is the closet to him and the only one that traveled with Ash frequently.

Ash Ketchum's rivals: Ash had lots of rivals throughout his journey as a Pokémon trainer. When he first started, his neighbor and professor Oak's grandson Gary became his main rival. Due to experience that he gained gradually as a trainer, he was finally able to defeat Gary in a major battle. There are other rivals after Gary; Paul is a trainer that concentrated on power as his signature way of training. Ash's main rivals from the past, Gary and Paul, have earned respect for Ash and his training style once they were finally defeated.

Ash Ketchum's character and personality: Ash is a very nice person and Pokémon trainer. He loves to help other people and Pokémon in time of need. Many of his Pokémon joined his team when they saw how much Ash cared about them and risked his own life to save them. When it comes to his personality, Ash likes to train hard to make moves perfect and ready for major battles. Ash relies on the bonds that he has with his Pokémon along with skills to pull out a win in tough situations.


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      HAHO 5 years ago

      i think that Charizard,Infernape and Pikachu are Ash's most powerful Pokémon

    • profile image

      DatAnoleLuver 5 years ago

      Sorry, but this is really out of date.