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Asian movies - Shaollin Soccer

Updated on May 6, 2010

Resuming my series of hubs about asian movies, I was wondering which one I would choose to be the next, asian movies in my childhood, were god part was based in martial arts, so I decided to talk about this theme. But this one don't talk just about martial arts.

Shaollin Soccer was released in 2001, was directed by Stephen Chow, he also act as the principal character Sing, a kung fu master that wishes to promote kung fu as much as possible.

He knows an old legendary soccer player that had his carreer destroyed, he convences Sing to play, and this brings his old friends shaolin monks to play together, in the beginning they didn't knew to play soccer and the scenes of their trainning sessions are simply hillarious. But when they discover how to play and mix it with kung fu they absolutelly rock!

The plays are full special effects, and extremelly exagerated, like the goalkeeper's clothes being destroied when he defends a superpowerfull ball and a guy who kicks the ball to stratosphere. Normal stuff of hong kong movies, but it makes the movie much funnier.

I really recommend this one, is a great entertainment and a lot of fun.


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