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At Paw-Paw's House

Updated on April 18, 2016

K-Dog and his favorite toy

K-Dog the magnificent! I just call him goofy.
K-Dog the magnificent! I just call him goofy. | Source

Midnight Serenade

Everyone is tucked in bed sleeping. All of the lights were off. The occasional hum of the refrigerator seems to sing a lullaby in the darkness. The gentle swoosh of a passing car adds to the sleepy song. I begin to drift into the land of sweet dreams and then it happened. The midnight serenade of K-Dog tossing his kibbles. I got up quicker than you could say, “Here comes the fat man.” “DOG! this is the second night this week! What is wrong with you?” With a quick sniff and a glance around the room I looked for a nasty clean up. I am no stranger to nasty clean ups. Sparing any details for future blogs…..

Finding nothing, I sent him out the door. “Lets get you outside if you need to do that!” He can stay out all night. The weather is fine. No rain. I continued to rationalize that idea as I nestled myself back into my comfy spot. I began to simmer down. Comforting scenes began to call me back to dream land. K-Dog began scratching at the door. My eyes fly open. It feels like my eyelids ripped the hide off of my eyeballs. “Stupid dog!” I mumbled. Leaving my good friend again I head for the door. Leave him out, no sleep. Bring him in, maybe sleep.

There is only so many times you can wake up like that and go back to sleep.

Dog is back in. I see him at his look out perch along the top of the couch under the window. Well, at least that is over and I can sleep. My comfy spot isn’t as warm and comfy as it was a while ago. Lay down. Tuck me in. Go to sleep.

After several deep breaths I finally start to relax at last. I hear the refrigerator humming. I pray short prayer of thanks giving. The breeze from the sealing fan was soothing. I’m a drift on the calm sea of tranquility. “Not again!!! DOG!” I am sure he made a mess this time.

I got up but not with quite the same enthusiasm as before. Looking around the room I find nothing. No nasty smells in the room either. “K-Dog, this is the second time tonight and the second time this week! What’s the deal? Get outside.” Returning, my comfy spot didn’t look inviting any more. I’ll sit in this chair across the room and wait for him. I have knocked out there while on the look out for him many times before so I snatch a blanket. “What is wrong with that dog? Sounded like he was gagging on something. What should we zzzzzzz.”Several minutes pass and once more I let him in before he scratches his way through the door.

I’m a little sleepy this morning.

Little Kitty Cat Neighbor

Do you have a little kitty cat neighbor? I know we do. We couldn’t be mean to it but it belongs next door. On our way to school we saw it curled up on the porch at the neighbor’s house. “Stay there little cat.” We pulled out on to the street as Roger Whittaker sang on the radio.

This cat is very friendly but K-Dog would not agree with me about that. I wrote about this cat before but I can’t find it so I can get away with telling it again. I was in the back yard with K-Dog. He was barking at the neighbor’s yard. “What is it goofy?” Then I looked in their yard and saw the cat. “She’s your little kitty cat neighbor. Don’t bark at your little kitty cat neighbor.” I looked again and the cat had jumped off of its perch and headed our direction. “You may not want to come in this yard little cat.” At that time it started to climb the fence. “Get back dog! Be nice to your little kitty cat neighbor!” I insisted. You know, that cat had no fear as it jumped into the yard. Cats seem to have a way to “own” anywhere that they are. K-Dog came close to get a sniff. “HISSSS!” Well, I guess they had this conversation before and he lost the argument. That cat will not take any guff off this goofy dog.

I was telling my sweet one about how that cat almost got in the car with us about a week ago. Can you imagine a cat getting in the car? Why in the world would it want to get in the car? It has tried to get in the house many times. Why would it want in our house? It has a nice family next door. We pulled up into the drive way and got out of the car, “Here it comes.” she said. “Oh great! Don’t let it in the car!” I hurried out of the car, like usual. I like to get the door unlocked so that my sweet lady can go right on in. With the cat coming I left the door shut. I distracted the varmint as she got in. Looking back at the door I saw that it was opened still. I made a break for it and quickly shut the door.

K-Dog has to have something that is his, right? We shouldn’t let that cat in the house. We may not be able to get it back out. No doubt, K-Dog has to share his water in the back yard but he can have the inside of the house as his. Maybe I humanize these animals more that I should.

That dog would like a bigger yard, I’m sure. He is part beagle and part German shepherd and all knuckle head.

Ride that thang!

Y’all ever seen a roach in your house? In Texas we have big ones. Some are as big as K-Dog! OK, they don’t really get that big. Sweet daughter acts like they are that big. The way she reacts, I expect the thing to come up the hall way and eat up the dinning room table with her riding on its back.

Did you know that you can spray a roach with 97% alcohol and that would kill it? It works! It may not be right away but somewhat quickly. At least it isn’t a slow death. I sprayed them just to watch them scamper across the room and die in the corner.

I told that to my teenage daughter. “Just spray it a couple of times and it dies.” I don’t understand how “a couple” could be more than two. When I was dating my sweet lady, people said that we were a cute couple. When our boy was born we were no longer a “couple.” If you spray a bug a couple of times that is two, three for good measure.

The other night I heard, “DADDY!!!! There’s a big roach in the tub!” It’s amazing that there is such a wide range of “big” when dealing with a “big” roach. There is was. It was big and it was dead. I was tipsy from the fumes. You don’t need but a few squirts for it to work. Maybe she thought it works by drowning the bug.

It’s a good thing that I don’t smoke. There was so much alcohol fumes in the air I could have been blown to the next county.

K-Dog likes to cuddle.

When K-Dog was a puppy, he would get behind me in my chair and put his head between my leg and the arm on the chair. Ain't he cute?
When K-Dog was a puppy, he would get behind me in my chair and put his head between my leg and the arm on the chair. Ain't he cute?


It is so nice that the weather has gotten warm enough that I can sleep in the den again. K-Dog can wake me when he wants out. My sweet gets a break that way.

We headed to bed after TV time. Everyone was tucked in. I got my fill of conspiracy videos earlier than usual. I was tired and ready to sleep. My usual comfy spot didn’t look welcoming enough so I went to another chair.

I turned out the lights looking forward to the nightly visit of the sand man. We could all rest easy. I saw K-Dog at his post looking out the bay window from atop the couch. Yes, you could say that he was on bay watch. He is ready for anything. Even a company of Storm Troopers can’t get by this dog. Lets just hope for a non eventful night.

Sitting there with my favorite blanket. It’s a Disney sleeping bag that we bought many years ago for one of our daughters. Funny, she out grew it and now I use it. Little Mermaid swimming a sea of pink while warming Paw Paw.

I didn’t know quite what it was that kept waking me up. It wan’t K-Dog this time. At last I knocked out real good. I dreamed that I was a lumber jack because there was a loud saw off in the distance. Later, I was told that it was my snoring.

My sweet woke me in the night. “Where is K-Dog? What’s going on?” She had been up thirty minutes. My snoring was so loud that I didn’t know the dog wanted out. “Terry! There is something out there.” I got up and found my shoes and staggered out into the back yard. K-Dog was out back, frantic over something he saw. Cautiously I approached a steep drop-off at the far back of the yard.

Yup, there is something on the neighbor’s fence across the alley but what is it? I hope it isn’t a possum. It is that time of year, you know. Those nasty things are bad news. Getting a closer look at the critter on the fence and I saw its beady little red eyes. That is a possum alright. Good thing K-Dog saw that. Next trick is to keep that out of the yard. It looks like it is going for an other neighbor’s chickens. “Should I go and warn them or is it worth battling the language barrier at one o’clock in the morning?”

“Come on Dog. Lets get back in the house.” He did a good job. K-Dog is vigilant and I do appreciate that quality. He goes over board at times but he warns us of potential danger.

If you can’t afford an electric surveillance system, get a good dog.

K-Dog and His Chew Toy

Druid Incantation

It was a typical Monday morning. I woke up with a little more assurance of what day it was. I sat in the darkness of the office in my sleeping chair. I had been drifting in and out of consciousness for about an hour. Silly sweet dreams would come and go until I hear my sweet’s alarm.

“Ok, I hear it. Hold on till a light comes on.” I have gotten up after hearing her alarm just to find that she isn’t quite ready to get up just yet, so I wait. “I ain’t moving before I see a light come on.”

As I drift off again to the land of Snooze, a light comes on. “Good morning my sweet” was exchanged. I got up and searched through my morning cobwebs in my head to locate my duty roster for Monday morning. With the list firmly in mind I head for the kitchen. By the time I get to the end of the hall way I forgot most of my list.

“Ok, today is Monday. Breakfast must be ready by six o’clock. “Where’s that dog? There he is.” Time to turn on the coffee pot, shut the back door, feed the puppy, freshen his water, and check the temperature out side. I checked the weather app before I left the office but that was the other end of the hall way and I had long sense forgot what it said. “I wonder if we will have K-Dog outside when we leave for school. It looks like it’s outside for the goofy dog. The temp is in the fifties. Time to turn on the TV.”

“Well, it’s an English muffin breakfast sandwich day for sweet daughter. We can eat oatmeal.” The coffee was ready so I got my first mug of wake me up. “What was the temperature outside?“ I went to the phone to see if we can leave K-Dog out when we leave. I log in and find the app while the news continued playing on the TV. I looked up after I consulted my app just to see that the weather forecast was half through.

After breakfast and clean up I went to get K-Dog ready to be outside. I went out to get his backyard water bowl. YUCK! A spider web got me right on my forehead and it was in my hair! It reminded me of when we had just moved in. Every spring there would be a huge spider web and one scary spider in the middle daring us to come out the door. That web was big enough to snare a wildebeest and that spider could eat one in no time flat. We haven’t had one like that in years but it was every spring for a while.

I went back into the house to get fresh water for, “YUCK!” I went through that spider web again! “I know I feel something crawling through my grey fluffy locks but I can’t do anything about it right now.”

With K-Dog’s water in hand, I went back out. By now I was watching for the web but it still got me a third time. I sat his water bowl down and looked for a stick. It was time to do battle with that spider web! With the stick in had I wave it in circles around the door and to the left and over here… “What are you doing? It looks like you are doing some kind of Druid Incantation. ” came a sweet voice from inside the door. “I am getting rid of a spider web, My Sweet.” then she asked, “Don’t you think it’s too cold to leave him outside?”

We set him up in the den and headed for school.

That Goofy Dog

This dog is my wing man!
This dog is my wing man!

Here's Looking at You!

“Not you again!!”

It came back.

Once again, K-Dog was barking at something out in the darkness. “What is it this time, Dog? What are you barking at now?”

Walking carefully through the fresh mowed grass I was well aware that I could step in something that I rather not step in. I wished then that I had a flash light. “Hush Dog!!“ With squinted eyes and clever use of what light there was, I managed to see across the alley at a familiar outline. “Oh, It’s you again.”

There on the neighbor’s fence I saw a nasty possum. It’s likely the one from the other night. I asked myself, “What are you going to do about that, Paw Paw?” I couldn’t shoot it. Too many things could go wrong if I did that. I shouldn’t chunk rocks at it for many of the same reasons. I couldn't reach it with my trusty hoe. We learned a couple of years ago that it is not worth the effort to call Animal Control. They won’t come. I will have to look for a possum nest in our yard in the morning. Possums are like huge rats with an extra helping of ugly. No telling what it could do to K-Dog if he decided to tangle with that nasty thing. Think of all of the diseases that critter carries!! Sure, they play dead but they don’t play dead for long. If you have one cornered and it sees that you aren’t buying that playing dead routine it would be a good idea to have the hospital on speed dial.

“You did good, K-Dog. Lets get back in the house.” He began running circles. He wanted to play. “It’s bed time Dude!” Around he comes again! “Run K-Dog! Go! Go! Go!” I hoped that I could tire him out before we went in.

The possum made its escape while K-Dog ran and played. I hope that our little kitty cat neighbor is smart enough to stay away from it. This goofy dog may not be that smart.

The Darkness of the Void.

We get up early around here. But not on Saturdays. I hear the alarm and get up. Turn on the bathroom light for my sweet. A sleepy “Good morning” and off I go like a happy zombie. Say anything you want to tell me at this time but don’t expect me to understand it, let alone remember what you said an hour later. It’s not quite that way on Saturday mornings.

I wake sometimes as early as 3:30 and struggle to go back to sleep. Every ten to fifteen minutes I jostle myself awake again. At 5:00 I have had enough and gaze into the darkness of the void. I am the only one awake and it is up to me to keep it that way until I see my sweet. I don’t want to wake anyone. It’s just not nice. Even K-Dog doesn’t want to get up.

It’s a good time to read. My glasses are a bit smudgy. No problem, I can just go and… No I have to stay here in the dark void. It’s a good time to blog. No. I would have to leave the room. In my rubber crocks they make sounds like a gassy elephant as I go down the hall way so I better not.

Good thing my dad is up. We text for a while. Mean time he is puttering about his house making his breakfast, making his coffee. He is in Louisiana and I’m in Texas. The aroma of that fresh brewed coffee fills my head. Then I remember, it’s Saturday. I get instant coffee on Saturday. I squint in the darkness looking for any sign of my sweet.

Dog finally goes outside. While he is outside, I take off my crocks and venture out of the room. She is still asleep. I got back as quickly and as silently as I could. Now K-Dog wants back in. I better open the door before he wakes up anyone else. Once he gets in he goes off to the other room and shakes until his dog tags sound like sleigh bells. He can get away with that you know.

I think I hear a familiar tune in the darkness. Is that her alarm? I better get the bathroom light on. Another hour goes by and I see the sun rise. All I can think of now is, “I hope she gets up before I start dancing the full bladder polka.”

At last she is up. I wanted her to have all of the sleep she could get, especially now that she has a cold. She reminded me that I have to get ready to go to the men’s breakfast at church this morning. I get good coffee there, by Jimmy!! I look down at my started cup of instant coffee and smile.

Looks Like a Judge

Here he is in his chair. This was my chair before he came. It's covered in his hair so he can sit there.
Here he is in his chair. This was my chair before he came. It's covered in his hair so he can sit there.

Ditching the Fat Man

Very early in the morning, youngest sweet daughter and I left home to go to her first cross country run. We were so excited. It was still dark out. We were to gather with the others at the school parking lot.

We got there right behind the coach. Soon the rest of the team arrived. I love to see her with her friends. All at once we all made a mad dash to the cars. I hope I can keep up. I don’t know my way around Fort Worth. I have no idea where we were going. All I knew is to keep up with the caravan of other cars and the bus!

I caught up to them at I 20. We all got on the interstate and off we went. Actually that was when my adventure began. Once we were on the high way, in the dark, they were gone and I didn’t know where we were going or where they went.

After finding the next exit, I texted my sweetie. She sent me the address to Trinity Park and the lady in the GPS got me there. There was no parking in the park for this event except for the participants. Good news! I found a place along the road right there nearby. Hold on! The sign said 2 hour parking. It would be better that the car didn’t get towed because I over stayed my welcome so I climbed the hill and went to ask where I should park. At last, Coach showed me a map of where I should park. The map had green jagged lines that ran out of a green block shaped field. I had no idea what I was looking at. “There is no parking in the park?” I asked. I was to take comfort in thees parting words as I walked off, “I didn’t make the rules.” To that I said, “I know. I’m just the old fat man who has to deal with it.” Little did I know what was ahead.

With conflicting directions and severely directionally handicapped, in a strange place and no sense of direction I set off in search of where the others parked. I turned up one street and another. I found out later that there were many places they were allowed to park and I didn’t know any of them. I no longer knew where I was or where the event was. I felt like I was about to panic. The words of comfort played over and over, “I didn’t make the rules.”

LOOK! I found the park again. I have even found a place to park in the park!!! One lot was full but the next one I could park next to the porto potties. Hold on! There is a truck pulling out. I will park there! WAY COOL.

Already tired I grabbed the bottle of water I brought from home and got out of the car. Where is the event? Later I found out that it was to the right. With no clue at all, I went straight and then to the left. The park is 252 acres of where I have never been.

The day grew hotter as I crossed into unfamiliar territory. I had texted my wife and daughter to let them know that I was still looking for everyone else. I found a tall hill. I climbed one earlier and was right at the event. Up I went. Almost to the top and I lost my balance. There were weeds that looked like 12 inch spikes sticking out of the ground. I don’t want to fall on that. With a few steps that would make Fred Astaire blush, I managed to land on a log. After collecting myself I got up and climbed the rest of the way up.

OK. This is a parking lot. I see an outside stadium off to the right. I remember driving there earlier. I was not anywhere close to where I was supposed to be. I looked down the steep spiked hill I psyched myself for the descent. Before I went back down to the street I made a short video and sent it to my wife and daughter. Here goes nothing?

Back in the park I make my way along a path in the wrong direction. I have no clue of how far I have walked. There is a cement picnic table ahead. If I can make it there I can sit and rest. “Daddy, where are you?” came a text. “I don’t know where I am. I’m tired and I am trying to get to where you are.” At last a text came from one of the other parents. She had a pin in the map showing me where to go. I was on the farthest away part of the park from there. Looking at the map now, there was no way that I could be farther away and still be in Trinity Park. I must have looked like a homeless drunk as I trudged back through the park. The phone battery is starting to get extremely low. It was almost in the red. Here I come.

By the time I got there the water I drank was but a memory. Heat exhaustion and extreme dehydration was not on my to do list. I called my sweetie and told her that I found everyone. I must have started to talk gibberish to her after all of that. A nice young fellow offered me water and I was glad to get it. “Thank you.”

Coach told me where she will be running through. I went and got ready with the camera. YES! It was such a proud moment. I gave her a hug and staggered back to where I thought the car was. She brought me back to the area where they all were. Hot, tired, delirious and dehydrated I was in no shape to walk off but I had to find the car so that I could get back to the school parking lot.

Another hike to the car. At least now I have an idea where that is. Look! A bridge. Didn’t I cross a bridge earlier? I think I did. Maybe not? Is this the one? Here I go. Over the bridge and walking by a road. I think I am on the wrong side of the river. No problem there is a bridge ahead. The past bridge is a long way back. I should have gone back but at that time I was no longer thinking straight. Truth be told, I was in no condition to be by myself. I was in a bad way and had been for a long time. I walked until I came to the next bridge. It was a railroad bridge crossing the Trinity River. Looking to the left I saw the parking lot. There was the car on the other side of the Trinity River. OK, no problem. I’ll just walk across the railroad bridge. Sure beets back tracking. As I carefully took one step after another seeing through the railroad ties, I remembered seeing Butch and the Sundance kid jumping off of a bridge like this. I looked down! “Oh Lord! please help me get across and don’t let a train hit me. I got maybe a quarter of the way across and said, “Ain’t no way!! I’m getting off of this.” I turned around and got off that bridge. Maybe I should have crossed there anyway.

I saw rocky places up and down both sides of the river. Maybe I can get across that little bit where the water comes through. So I walked carefully down the side of the river bank to hop my little fat grandpa self to the other side. No. That was too wide. There is another just a bit farther. I’ll go there. I got there and saw that it was just like the other one.The water was flowing too fast and still too far to jump. I was wet head to toe without falling in the river. There was a 2 by 4 to my right. It had nails all down it. It looked dangerous so I left it alone. Seeing the river flowing between the rocks from this side and the other I considered stepping through there. It maybe one or two steps across. I looked at the 2 by 4. Could I step across on that? Pole Vaulting didn’t sound like a good idea either. I could just see me face down in the west fork of the Trinity River.

I stepped back and found a rock to sit on. I called my wife and daughter. “This may be the last time I call. The phone charge is in the red.” It was fully charged before we left. I got a call back from my daughter. “Where are you?” “I am on the wrong side of the river from the car.” She gave her phone to an adult. “What is the street where you are?” I looked up at my next climb. “Let me get to the street and see.” I was amazed that I had the strength to get up there. “No street signs. I am right by the building called ‘Park Plaza.’” No street signs. He is new to this area too. Lets find out what this street is. One heave step after another with hope that I may get rescued after all I kept going.

While searching for a street sign a car pulled up next to me. I looked, “Hey Mr. Duncan! Need a ride?” I was rescued!! “Yes. Thank you!” I got in and told them where I was parked. They offered me water. That was gone in no time. Turned out that he was directionally challenged too. They took me to my daughter. She was so glad to see me. She rode with us to find the car. Coach said that he was praying for me. I thanked him.

At last! Back to the car. My phone was so far gone I dare not try the GPS. Luckily she had her’s. “Which way do we go?” She had trouble getting it to work right. It made no sense. Well, what do you know? Her phone is directionally challenged too.

There is I-30. We went East on that. She struggled with her phone. I was so tired but should have told her that I had the way home plotted. She was getting upset with her phone and directions. “Daddy do you know how to get us home?” “Oh Yeah. I figured it out, I can get us home from here.

I-20 connect, here we go. Someone had told me that there was a bad wreck on I-20. It was on her GPS too. Sure enough we were stuck in it. I didn’t mind it so much. I had some water. The air was cool. So what if the 5 lane high way is down to only one lane. I was rescued and we were headed home. I was thankful.

Maybe an hour later than it should have been, we got home. I felt like a 2 hundred pound burlap bag of rotten potatoes. I bet I smelt just as bad.

It was after one o'clock in the afternoon. Sweet Mamma had lunch ready. I enjoyed every bite. Sweet daughter told us about the race. I was so sad that I could only be there at the very end. I am thankful I got to see that. Then I told my story.

My wife sent me to my living room chair where I sat in a daze. She gave me some more water. I looked at the phone. It had been charging a little while. “How far did I walk?” That was 5.15 miles! Before I knew it she was getting ready to do laundry. “Let me help.” “No! You have been through enough. Ready to take a shower?” I got up and headed that way.

When I got out she had emptied my pockets to wash my jeans. She said they stank really bad. Dog took a whiff and trotted out of the room like a flash.

The next day I was too messed up to go to church. Today is Monday. I’m still extremely tired. I thank God that I am home and fine.


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