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At-The Drive-In: More Movie Memories

Updated on January 16, 2013
Bob Ewing profile image

Bob has many fond memories of going to the regioal drive-ins as a teen and young adult.

Friday night

Friday nights, the work week is over, well at least for some and the weekend has finally arrived. Some years back this meant that if it was a pay week, I had a few bucks in my pocket, at least enough for a tank of cash, and the price of admission for two to the drive-in theatre. Snacks are a must for a drive-in is simply not a drive-in without food.

The first was to see the movies; well that was the cover story anyway.

The drive-in provided the privacy of being in your own space with your companion which was very important when you were still living at hoem with mom and dad and had little personal space.

Even when I was first married we still made regular trips to the drive-in. there was simply something special about the whole experience.

When I was in my early 20s in southern Ontario, there were 2 drive-in theatres within a 30 minute drive of where I lived.

One was only 10 minutes away but it was finally closed as the new Toronto Airport, now known as Pearson international Airport grew. I remember planes flying so low, the drive-in was on a flight path that they seemed to almost touch the screen. The sound drowned the audio for a few minutes.

That theater closed and we traveled a bit further to the next one. It was at that time we discovered a third drive-in about an hour away from hoem which we visited less often.

At least we still had a choice although what was playing was often a secondary concern. There were double bills and some Friday nights they would have a triple bill, three movies for the price of admission and the snack stand stayed open later.

The food, a foot long hot dog, a hamburger, fries and a large coke that was the regular fare. If I had of known then what I know now I may have not eaten so much, but then that was half the fun.

In order to avoid standing in line for too long I’d leave the car about 10 minutes before the picture ended, get the food and be back before the break between flicks. I could watch the film as I walked to the stand.

We often went with another couple but in separate cars. Often we’d get there early so that we could park close to the snack stand but not so close that there was a regular stream of people walking by or the intrusion of the bright lights on the stand.

I also got quite good and getting out of the theatre before the lien up got too long and you sat and sat in your car waiting to exit.

The weather sometimes worked against us. One evening we had gone to see Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark and about 30 minutes into the film the fog rolled in so heavy that you could not see the screen. We sat there waiting for it to lift but no luck. It was a challenge to navigate our way out of the drive-in and find the way back home but we were young and it was all an adventure. We went back the following weekend and saw the film.

The drive-in were I began a long standing relationship with Dr. Who. The first movies on this particular night was Dr Who and the Dalecks with Peter Cushing. It was low budget quirky but struck home and I enjoyed the TV series for a number of years.

I do not miss the drive-in today mostly because I do not drive or own a care but still look back on those days with find memories.

The Drive-IN

courtesy flickr/phil schatz
courtesy flickr/phil schatz

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