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At a Glance: Last Exile

Updated on February 22, 2018
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Rachael has been an anime blogger since 2010, with an intense passion and depth of knowledge for the subject.

Intro & Summary:

Last Exile follows orphan brother and sister pair Claus and Lavie, who work as plane couriers. The world they live in is a steampunk-style world racked by ongoing war. The two are caught up in this conflict as they try to survive, often barely hanging on by a thread. So, what we have isn't a big heroic epic, but a more mundane and real-feeling tale of the struggle to survive in a world where combat rules the skies. I wouldn't call it Slice of Life, but it feels close to that at times.


Last Exile
Source Material:
None - Anime First
Additional Material:
Manga, 21- Episode Sequel Series


Many people liked this show, but I couldn't get into it. One problem I see is that the main characters are kind of outside the plot, rather than a part of it. They're just delivery kids who get caught up in politics and war, a lot of which has really little to do with them in particular. The focus of a story about politics should be the top-level decision-makers, i.e., grownups.

The story just felt dull and lacking in meaning or any emotional connection, at least for me. I'm sure some people like this show, and that's fine. But I never enjoyed watching this show for the purposes of this blog - doing so felt like a chore and never like entertainment.

There are good things about this show, such as the music, character art, and steampunk style. It's definitely unique. But that, again for me at least, isn't enough to truly make it good. The main point of interest in this show is the flight. Characters fly on interesting planes without wings, similar to zeppelins. I really dig the show from an art perspective. I just wish it had more of a plot.

Rating for Last Exile: 6/10


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