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Scrapped Princess: A High Fantasy With High Stakes

Updated on April 9, 2018
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Rachael has been an anime blogger since 2010, with an intense passion and depth of knowledge for the subject.


Scrapped Princess is about Pacifica, a princess forced to hide her existence because she was supposed to be killed as a baby. Pacifica is the "scrapped princess", and it is believed in her fantasy kingdom's dominant religion that she will bring about the end of the world. But, the knight who was supposed to kill Pacifica as a baby took pity on her, and secretly spared her life. She is adopted by a commoner family, with two adoptive siblings who look out for her.

The anime begins when Pacifica is 15. Her enemies get rumors and tips about her existence, she is endangered and has to go into hiding. She flees with her siblings as protectors, hiding her identity. But how will she find a place where she can live safely? And is she fated to become a monster who destroys the world?


Scrapped Princess
Source Material:
Light Novel by Ichirō Sakaki
Additional Material:


There's a lot to like about this anime. The main characters are likeable because of their kindness and heroism. Pacifica, despite being a princess, is no spoiled brat, but an unfortunate victim of unfair circumstances. The politics, magic, religion, and other world-building features are passable, and if you're familiar with high fantasy tropes, a little on the cliché side. That doesn't make it bad; Scrapped Princess is more character-driven than plot driven, and since the characters are likeable, you'll want to come back to spend more time with them. I'd recommend it for fans of the fantasy adventure genre. Similar anime include Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop (same character designer, similar character-driven adventure storytelling), and Slayers. There's not that many high fantasy anime out there. This one was pretty good, with typical anime comedy, interpersonal drama, and high-stakes conflict.

Rating for Scrapped Princess: 7/10


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