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Attack On Titan Season 2 Review... Season 1 was better... Kinda...

Updated on February 17, 2020
Man this image is full of hype... Same Season 2 didn't measure up to that.
Man this image is full of hype... Same Season 2 didn't measure up to that. | Source

It's my opinion sure, but I'll explain what season 1 did better than season 2, and vice versa. But that's not saying that I did't enjoy Attack On Titan Season 2, there was a lot to enjoy. I enjoyed the characterization for Krista and Ymir, the fight between Eren and Reiner a.k.a The Armored Titan, and what little action there was. But despite that, I still feel Season 1 was better, but I'll get into that in this review.

The couple that got top billing this season.
The couple that got top billing this season. | Source
Gotta admit, this was a tad creepy.
Gotta admit, this was a tad creepy. | Source

The Summary

The season started where the first season left off, with Annie being contained and a titan being revealed to embedded in the wall. From there Hange began to investigate why this was the case, before the Beast Titan showed up. The Beast Titan unleashes a horde of titans that "mysteriously" appeared from Connie's home town. This resulted in Hange, and her team into another investigation on the disappearance of the townspeople. Then you've got the unveiling that Reiner and Bertolt are the Armored and Colossal Titans. Reiner and Bertolt want to eradicate humanity and "return home." Then you've got Krista Lens having connections with Wall Worshipping Church, and who developed relationship with Ymir who was a former royal. How this ties together, well read the manga, because the connections probably won't be unveiled until season 3...Maybe...

Ready...? Aim....?
Ready...? Aim....? | Source
They were hiding from titans, their fear was understandable...
They were hiding from titans, their fear was understandable... | Source

The Negatives....

Now let's get the negatives out of the way first. because I wanna end this on a positive note.

The problem is the shift in focus. Rather than follow up on the mystery of what's in the Yeager family basement, it focuses on characters that barely got any focus in the first season. This feels like fans had to have read the manga in order to be invested in the anime. This was a detraction because it would've been better stream lined, but I can understand if they really tried to sell viewers on the manga. However I don't think this helped in that regard, as it most likely left many viewers confused, and not just me.

Why the sudden focus on Krista and Ymir? What does it have to do with the events of last season? What does it have to do with the basement?

Now granted Ymir and Krista aren't the only characters who got focus of season two, but the shift was jarring. We last leave off on Annie being taken into custody after being subdued by Eren and Mikasa, then sudden focus shift to two characters who barely got any focus last season? Granted, I will admit I'm being a tad harsh since Wit Studios and Production I.G. had a set number of episodes to work with, and it's not like the pay off wasn't worthless, because it turns out Krista was royalty, but this wasn't the only aspect that bothered me. Like last season we got a bunch of red shirts dying, and the Beast titan showing up out of nowhere.

But the negatives were more subjective I feel, as I didn't care for the mystery of what was in the basement of Eren's home was delayed for another season. That and I feel that Reiner and Bertholdt's motivation for wiping out humanity wasn't well fleshed out, although that might be resolved in season 3.

Ymir's attempt at encouraging Christa...
Ymir's attempt at encouraging Christa... | Source

The positives...

Aside from the jarring shift, Ymir and Crista got some good development for their character and friendship(which possibly romantic). We learn a little more about Ymir's past as she's revealed to be royalty and over a century old. Krista gets braver over time, and we get some insight into other characters like Haji, and Sasha Braun. And the fight between Eren and Reiner in their titan forms was fun, and then there's the intriguing mystery of the Beast Titan and his identity. There's also the mystery of what the walls are, and why there were titans in the walls. What little investigating was done well, and engaging. It made me interested to see what Eren and crew would learn. Ymir's reveal of being royalty and a titan was neat, and Krista's name reveal raised questions that created interest in season 3.

Not a lot of positives, but that leads me to expressing what made Season 1 better in the conclusion...

He looks like a friendly chap. :)
He looks like a friendly chap. :) | Source
This fight was "Match of the year" material.
This fight was "Match of the year" material. | Source

The Conclusion...

While Season 2 broadened the focus on the supporting characters, it had less of a narrative focus. The repeated cuts to flashbacks, the dismissal of Season 1 plot threads and establishing new ones out of nowhere. This made the season feel like a jumbled mess, as opposed to Season 1 that had a straight line from Eren's motivate for revenge to his fight with Annie in the finale in their titan forms.

Granted yes Wit Studios and Production I.G. had 12 episodes to work with, and had to adapt as much important story elements as they could in that time. That and I'm betting they're aware of possible criticisms towards the lack of development for the supporting cast, hence the numerous flashbacks that effected the flow of the story. Were they given episodes, I'm certain Wit Studios and Production I.G. couldn't made the narrative more coherent and connected to Season 1.

While Season 2 is a C+ for me, I'd still watch it for the action and character interactions, which I enjoyed because we at least got more of those than season 1.

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