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Attack of The Killer Donuts Film Review

Updated on August 23, 2019

Attack of the Killer Donuts poster

Film Information

Released: 2016

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Running Time: 1 hr 38 minutes

Director: Scott Wheeler

Producer: Rafael Diaz-Wagner

About the film

Attack of the Killer Donuts is one of them films that you would probably dream about, or I would! But in reality there really is a film about killer donuts. Who would have thought that someone would make a film about killer donuts? But, they have. The premise of the film is that Johnny and Michelle are working in Dandy Donuts. Their boss isn't the most pleasant person on this planet, thus making it not the best place to work in! One day Johnny's oddball Uncle Luther comes to the shop. After a short scuffle in the store, a green gooey substance escapes from Luther's pocket and lands in the fryer that makes the donuts.

After a short while we notice that the donuts in the machine start acting strangely and coming to life - this is when the killer donuts are born. What is so bizarre and ludicrously funny is that these donuts that have a hole in the centre have suddenly sprouted fangs and are on the rampage. One of the first victims of these killer donuts is a woman who had gone in the store and left with a box of donuts. As she innocently sits in her chair, the donuts spring to life snarling and kills the poor woman.

As a sub plot we also have Veronica, that is Johnny's girlfriend. She's not one of the most loyal girlfriends on the planet, and as you watch the film, we see how this two timing woman treats Johnny, with him and Michelle growing closer. What will happen with this love triangle? What will become of Veronica and the killer donuts?

Killer Donuts

Kayla Compton
Michelle Kiester
Chris De Christopher
Cliff Burbank
Lauren Compton
Michael Swan
Uncle Luther
Justin Ray
Johnny Wentworth
Ben Heyman

Uncle Luther

Acting & special effects.

It's ludicrous to think that someone actually came up with the thought of making a movie about killer donuts. But they did. And what passed as a thought actually made it onto the big screen. Now, I'm not knocking the making of the film. Quite frankly, I think it's rather good how they actually got a few dozen donuts to look like they alive and hopping around with fangs in their centres. All I can think of is that they must of have a laugh making this film - both the cast and crew. There's plenty of blood and gore throughout the film just to give a realistic effect. And with the donuts giving a sort of grunting, gargling sound as they leap around.

This is a low budget film. With that being said, they did their best with the special effects. I actually think it's not bad going how they made it look like the donuts are actually attacking people. You can see them leaping onto peoples bodies and faces. It's quite funny to watch as it goes. With the acting, it is very cheesy in parts. But that can be said for the whole film really. There are parts during the film where you can tell they're acting with the rigid dialogue, but I've no doubt all the actors did their utter best whilst shooting this.

Johnny, Michelle & Howard

Final thoughts

Would I recommend this film? Well, probably not. I watched it because I was bored at the time and to be honest, it did give me a laugh. The thought of donuts sprouting fangs, coming alive and killing people is hilarious. They were certainly brave to make this film and the whole storyline in itself is quite ridiculous. But there you have it. If you really can't believe that such a film has been made, then watch the trailer.

The actors who played Johnny, Michelle and Howard did do quite a good job at acting throughout the film in all honesty. But really, I wouldn't bother watching this, unless you want a few laughs.

© 2017 Louise Powles


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