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'Attack on Titan' Review: S3E4

Updated on August 13, 2018

AoT: Gettin' the Job Done

Last week's episode of AoT spent a lot of time introducing us to new information. In this episode, we got to see some of that information come to fruition, and boy was it worth the wait. Levi and his squad have gone completely covert, acting like a splinter cell as they attack various Military Police outposts in the hopes of finding Eren and Historia's whereabouts.

Some characters like Armin and Jean have had a tough time adjusting to their new "human" foes... that is until now. After a bit of time has passed, it seems as though Levi's squad has a newfound resolve, as they will fight tooth and nail to find their estranged teammates.

Meanwhile, Hange has hit the ground running as the newly appointed Commander of the Scout Division. Whether talking to political figures, helping to fight against MP officers, or checking in on Levi and his squad, Hange seems to be everywhere as she struggles to bring order to a division in shambles.

Eren and Historia didn't get any screen time this episode, but their presence wasn't entirely lacking. It's no secret that Eren and Historia are two major characters and even without being expressly talked about (like in some of the past episodes), their absence has been referenced in some more subtle dialogue passages, reminding viewers just how high the stakes are this season.

A Cohesive Unit

This episode (more than the others) has shown how regimented Levi's squad has become in such a short time. A couple of episodes ago, the Scouts had no idea what was happening, and they were ambushed pretty easily by Kenny and his MP squad. Now, Levi and the former cadets are off the grid, using covert forms of guerrilla warfare to attack various MP outposts to extract information.

While I do love some good character development, especially when the characters being developed are the former cadets, it was refreshing to see some of the main characters just doing their jobs. Instead of being the sympathetic people we're used to, the cadets looked cold and detached, showing just how serious they are about saving their friends and revealing the truth about the Royal Family.

Armin, Mikasa, & co. have been through Hell, but that hasn't shaken them yet. Restoring order to the Scout Division looks less and less likely with each passing episode, but Levi's squad has shown that they have what it takes to see their mission through to the bitter end. Hoo-rah.

There's a New Sheriff in Town

Zoe Hange has been given a new role in the show, one that she's adapted to brilliantly. Up until recently, Hange was a quirky researcher whose role in the show was to offer some comedic relief. Since coming into power, however, Hange has shown how capable she is to lead the Scout Division, especially during a time of crisis.

Hange spent most of her time this episode dealing with a political figure from Trost. Her small arc wasn't entirely revolved around discussion though, as she often had to avoid the MP's ever-vigilant eye. On top of that, she was able to choreograph a scenario in which she gained the support of an entire town in Trost, all the while making routine check-ups to see how Levi and his squad were doing.

With her newfound responsibility, Hange has grown from a silly side character to a force of nature. Considering how many political shifts that have been foreshadowed this season, I'm looking forward to seeing the role Hange has to play as the series progresses.

The Verdict: Great

This week's installment made good on it's halt in momentum from last week's episode. AoT has introduced yet another new side to its characters while presenting the viewer with some fun action and genuinely "feel-good" moments. Overall, this was a great episode that has done well to uphold Season 3's high level of standard.


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