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Audio Software

Updated on August 7, 2010

Want To Record & Edit Music On Your Computer?

There's a handful of great, professional audio recording software out there and it's all amazing. They all have variations on what they can do and how you go about getting it done but each one has more capabilities than most of us will even need or use. These are the top 5 I constantly see in home and pro studios: Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Cakewalk, and Cubase.

I personally have experienced using 4 of them, but that doesn't matter to you, what does matter is which one will be your best choice and why, right?....well,

This is the best tip you'll get; Choose the one that your friend with a recording studio uses!

If you know someone that's recording with any one of these software programs your best bet is to get the same one because at some point you're gonna need help figuring something out and then you'll have someone who can help you through it.

All these programs have a learning curve, especially if you're just starting out. There are many forums online that can be helpful but trust me, there's nothing like learning with someone one on one.

My personal choice has become Pro Tools. For me it's the one that feels best. I had the opportunity to sit beside an engineer who was recording one of my cd's. The sessions went on for several weeks and every day I sat beside this guy and watched every move he made recording, editing, and then mixing. I didn't learn everything but later when I bought my rig for my home studio I got what he had and the whole learning curve was very small. Sure, I had some questions and problems but he was close by and after a couple visits to my place I was well on my way.... unfortunately for him he didn't see my band and I in his studio much after that!

Beware of people that spend everyday arguing in forums. The ones who are doing this recording thing for real never have the time to waist away in these places.

Remember, it's all about the end product, not which recording program got you there. If you record a song at home and play it to a friend, he probably won't say something like "Wow, did you record that on a Mac with Pro Tools or a Roland VS-2480CD with a 24 bit audio engine @ 96kHz?" What he'll say is "hey, cool tune" or "that sucks!"

You can get articles, posts, and more info on all these top audio recording software programs.


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