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Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7 - All That (Men's Clogging Group)

Updated on May 29, 2012

America's Got Talent went to Tampa Bay to conduct auditions for Season 7. All That is a clogging dance group from North Carolina. I'm still not sure if it is the exact same All That that was in Season 1. But I distinctly remember that group because they were one of my favorites.

This group consists of all men. They are certainly proficient at what they do. But since Season 1, it has become even more apparent that something more unique is needed for a dance team to win America's Got Talent. The guys did pretty much the same kind of synchronized choreography that never wins AGT.

Clogging groups have done well compared to most other forms of dance, probably because voting fans are impressed with the speed and synchronization of the cloggers. But certainly none has come close to winning. And my prediction is All That is not going to change that unless they have some radical choreography and presentation changes. Simple choreography is not going to win, and simply having fast feet and synchronized moves will not win America's Got Talent 7. All That could get through a couple of voting rounds if they make the Top 48. But that will be the end of the road if their future performances are like their Tampa Bay audition.


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