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Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7: Jorge and Alexa Narvaez

Updated on May 14, 2012

Jorge and Alexa Narvaez auditioned in Los Angeles for America's Got Talent 7. This musical duo is comprised of a father and daugher. He is 25, and she is only 7.

Jorge sang while playing the guitar, and Alexa provides the personality for the group. She is as much a comedian as she is a singer. The singing was just okay. And while Alexa's comments seemed scripted to me, she was still funny and cute.


This act must first get chosen in the Las Vegas round before making the live shows. This could prove to be difficult because there is already another father/daughter duo of Maurice and Shanice Hayes in the 7th season of AGT. This act is more likely to present the emotional vocals that get votes on America's Got Talent.

While Maurice and Shanice would also have to improve their vocals or at least song choice to win, they are more likely to be chosen in the Las Vegas auditions as the duo to advance to the live rounds. Yes, it is possible that Jorge and Alexa could also make it through. But when such similar acts are cast in the same season, they are often pitted against each other, leaving one as the sacrificial lamb in Las Vegas.

If Jorge and Alexa do make the voting rounds, they will have a hard time winning. The girl is not old enough to deliver emotional vocals to the portion of the audience that is not prone to giving what I call "cute votes." And once the comedy act has been played out, they will have to survive on their vocal prowess. And in that area, Jorge and Alexa Narvaez will need a few more years to be ready to win a show like America's Got Talent.


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