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Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7 - Singer Ulysses

Updated on May 29, 2012

Ulysses auditioned for the 7th season of America's Got Talent in Tampa Bay. While he does have a bit of a lounge-singer quality to him, Ulysses has a very good voice. The first song he performed was The Love Boat theme (from the 80s TV show). Howard buzzed him before he finished.

After that, Howard said he buzzed it because Ulysses does not have a million-dollar act. But then he proceeded to have him perform some lines from the theme songs to The Addams Family and Green Acres. Howard still said NO when it came time to vote.

Sharon and Howie both thought it was great, and the crowd seemed to love it.


Ulysses is a nostalgia act if all he does is TV theme songs. He says he does other genres, but the show may have typecast him by now. Or if America's Got Talent really wants to play games, they could force Ulysses to sing something he is not comfortable performing.

At any rate, it's hard to make a prediction until we see what he does in Vegas. The guy has a great voice. But I don't know if this kind of niche act can make it to the finals. However, I could easily see him making a couple of live voting rounds or even the Top 10. I'll reserve final judgment until I see what happens in Las Vegas. This guy is harder to judge than most because he seems like a great singer and kind of a comic act at the same time. Unless he shows more variety, my prediction is the voters will have had their fill before the finale, causing Ulysses to miss the final cut. If he does sing in other genres well, though, then his smooth, buttery voice could potentially get him to the finale with an outside chance of winning.


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