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Audition and Predictions For Andrew De Leon For America's Got Talent 7

Updated on June 5, 2012

Andrew De Leon stole the show during the second episode of Austin, Texas auditions for America's Got Talent 7. His performance aired on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, and his was the last audition aired on the night.

Andrew came out in a goth outfit and makeup. Everyone surely thought he was going to sing some punk rock or something like that. De Leon threw everyone a curveball by singing opera. The judges and audience loved this. Not surprisingly, Andrew got three YES votes from the judges and will now compete in the Las Vegas auditions.


It's hard to predict how Andrew De Leon is going to do until after the Las Vegas auditions. This is because Luiz Meneghin is another great opera singer that has already auditioned for AGT 7. In some cases, the producers and judges put through more than one opera act. In other cases, they eliminate one in Vegas. Both Luiz and Andrew are good enough for the Top 48 live voting rounds. And I predict that probably both of them will be picked.

At this stage, it seems like Andrew is getting more buzz than Luiz did for their initial auditions. However, I believe that Luiz is a little better and more palatable to the general America's Got Talent voting public. Both will lack versatility, but Luiz has a better voice in my opinion. Andrew is interesting because his style screams something totally different than opera. In the end, De Leon will easily survive the early voting rounds if he is chosen for the Top 48. However, my prediction is that he will not win. He sings like a girl or a young boy would sound when singing opera. That type of voice, while certainly pretty, has never won America's Got Talent. Nonetheless, De Leon will definitely be one of the favorites to make the Top 10 if he is in the voting rounds.


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