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Audition and Predictions for America's Got Talent 7: William Close

Updated on May 14, 2012

William Close is a musician who auditioned for the 7th season of America's Got Talent in Los Angeles, CA. His audition aired on Monday, May 14, 2012. William made it through to the Las Vegas rounds after all 3 judges sent him through with a YES vote.

William builds and plays his own instruments. For his L.A. audition, he built an earth harp. This harp had the strings that you see on a regular harp, but it was much bigger. In fact, the strings stretched all the way up towards the balcony of the Orpheum Theater.

When Close played, it sounded a lot like a violin to me. I did enjoy it, but it was very slow music and playing. He did have a drummer accompany him, but that didn't add much of anything to the performance.

On the positive side, though, William's act is very unique. I have never seen it. Surely, others have done it somewhere, but it is more unique than the typical instrumental or music act you would see on America's Got Talent.


In the end, I think that William Close's act could get close to the finals, especially if he shows the ability to build and play other kinds of unique instruments. But he will eventually be judged on the actual music playing. People in Vegas aren't going to want to listen to more than a few minutes of this relatively boring music that he plays. Does he have talent? Sure. But William Close's act is based on a uniqueness gimmick. Once that gets old to the voting public, they won't give him enough votes to win America's Got Talent 7 unless he really picks up his game in the musical arrangement or playing department. Perhaps adding a singer could also help him get more votes.


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