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Audrey Hepburn - very beautiful classic angelic looking Hollywood actress

Updated on January 2, 2012
Audrey Hepburn face close up
Audrey Hepburn face close up

I think she is one of the classic beauties in Hollywood. Other than a very beautiful face, she was a very angelic looking woman. Even though there are many beautiful celebrities right now, she is still considered to be one of the most iconic beauties in Hollywood. This hub is dedicated to her and has some of her most beautiful pictures. Enjoy!!

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress born in Belgium. She is considered one of the most famous and fashionable woman of the twentieth century. Audrey is very thin in her younger days and her waif like figure inspired many famous designers.

She had one of the most classic beautiful face in Hollywood in the twentieth century. Even now, many people still recognize her as one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. Out of all her facial features, her eyes are the most beautiful. It was very big, piercing and expressive. Until now, I haven't seen anybody with the same eyes as Audrey.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a movie in which Audrey played the female lead, a New York call girl. In my opinion, she is not really suitable for that role. She just didn't look like a hooker at all. But anyways, she is beautiful in the movie regardless.

She loved her Louis Vuitton monogram speedy handbag and was frequently seen carrying it. I think she looked stunning with that handbag. She is also a fashion icon of her time. Actually, it is not hard for a beautiful woman to look gorgeous in anything.

She was married two times and had one long term partner. However, I think she looks very good together with Gregory Peck. They are both very good looking people and looked like a couple made for each other. They worked together in Roman Holidays and it was a pleasure to see two beautiful people together on screen.

In addition to her angelic appearances, she was appointed as the goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. She visited many impoverished nations and made the public more aware of other people's living conditions. In conclusion, she is beautiful inside and out.


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    • ClassicMovieFan profile image

      ClassicMovieFan 5 years ago

      Awesome! I just posted a similar hub of my favorite pics of her throughout the years. I see some on here I wish i would have had! thanks!

    • profile image

      Don 6 years ago

      Very intresty!!