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Snoop Dogg, Kudos to You

Updated on January 21, 2012

Game Show Guest

Since my parents have retired, they make a point to tune into the Price Is Right. So whenever I go to visit, like clockwork, I cannot talk, sing or make a move unless it involves the Price Is Right. Today was no different. Today, the Price Is Right had Snoop Dogg who is representing a football league charity for inner city children as a guest. I must say I enjoyed the program.

Seeing Snoop Dogg again has increase my respect for him as a performer as well as a person who is helping the inner city community. The first time I had a chance to get a look at a more personal side of Snoop Dogg; it was on his reality show. I have to say I enjoyed his show. The show was not phony and it was respectable. I came away with seeing a young couple who have mature together while enduring life's changes.

The episode where Snoop Dogg goes to a foreign country was very entertaining. It show to what extent a person would go to satisfy their taste buds. In the episode, if I remember correctly, I believe Snoop Dogg wanted fried chicken (maybe spicy?). Or the episode, where Mrs. Dogg is trying to change her husband's eating habits. I was also impress by Snoop Dogg's encouraging his wife to start a business for herself. A business that involved something other than hair salons, if I am not wrong (and not putting down hair salons). The reality show brought attention to the football league for inner city children he was involved while raising his own children.

On the Price Is Right, Snoop Dogg did an excellent job by representing his charity and exhibiting his skills as a presenter on the Price Is Right. During the entire showcase, my parents and I kept calling Snoop Dogg's name as though we were actually attending one his concerts. We were also thrilled that one of our Armed Forces men won the showcase. I am sure it was a blessing for the gentlemen to win the showcase and meet Snoop Dogg. If I was the winner, it would have given me bragging rights over my young nieces and nephews. Especially since they have been dedicated fans of Snoop Dogg for a long time. Kudos to you, Snoop Dogg. I hope you will continue to mature and suceed in supporting the children of our future.


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