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Austin Mahone Quotes and Facts

Updated on December 15, 2015

Austin Mahone Quotes

  • Stay true, plan what you do, avoid roadblocks and walk straight ahead.
  • Fight the good fight, be patient and persistent. Doesn’t Give up- Grow up!
  • Make good decisions about the friends you choose.
  • You don't have to; you should love to get better every day.
  • People who cheat and live foul; then turn to social media to brag about their relationship make me "SICK".
  • Be a Prisoner of Gratefulness, your limitations give you the opportunity to learn.
  • Your time is coming, never be afraid of the unknown, everything starts small.
  • Take your time, sit down and think about life from a different angle and remember it’s borrowed. Live like today is your last day and forgive all those who hurt you in the past.
  • If men & women had their sh-t together then they wouldn't complain about toilet paper, now would they?
  • You can't be scared to fail, Victory is in a mile. It's all about Progression.
  • Be a person who can is trusted in the word, work and actions.
  • Avoid Challenges or other interest that will stop you from finishing the race.
  • It's a mindset. We rather fail at something we love. Then succeed at something we hate.
  • You must be willing to be wrong in order to locate the right answers.
  • We say some bad things when angry, we make some bad choices and at the end we suffer greatly.
  • One of the most difficult emotions a Man tries to overcome is LOVE.
  • Success in marriage is not finding the right person, but becoming the right person. A big part of loving is listening.
  • You can't live a life without getting hurt, so when you do get hurt, think about the good things in your life.

Note: - The above Austin Mahone facts are collected from his fan pages and blogs, if you find any error kindly let me know in the comments below.

Austin Mahone Picture Quotes

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Austin Mahone Bio

Austin Mahone is a famous internet celebrity and singer same like Justin Bieber who started his career from a Youtube video. On this page I will expose some personal facts about Austin Mahone life, hope you will enjoy this journey and discover a new Austin Mahone.

Austin Mahone Facts:

  1. He was born in Texas on 4th April 1996.
  2. He is an average student.
  3. He has 3 close friends including one female.
  4. He has no scandal in his school life.
  5. He likes to play candy crush on Facebook.
  6. He is expert in cycling and car racing.
  7. He designed his own hats.
  8. He is a good storyteller and also good at writing songs.
  9. He has no brother or sister.
  10. He is living with his parents.
  11. He is a big fan of Drake and Lil Wayne.
  12. His favorite colors are pink and blue.
  13. He is a good swimmer.
  14. He is an official member of various animal welfare organizations.
  15. His favorite dress is T-shirt.
  16. He cannot imagine missing summer fun.
  17. His fans make thousands of Austin Mahone fan blogs on Tumblr and Fan pages on the Facebook.
  18. He personally operates his social accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and on the Facebook.
  19. He likes to reply his fan emails personally.
  20. He celebrates his birthday with his mother and friends.
  21. His father passed away before his fame.
  22. He is not satisfied with his height.
  23. He has no permanent tattoo on his body.
  24. He is a big fan of One Direction guys and he always tries to follow Harry Styles fashion styles.
  25. He loves curly hair styles.
  26. He hates scary movies.
  27. Austin Mahone net worth is still undercover.
  28. His favorite actress was Marilyn Monroe.
  29. His bank account is still operated by her mother.
  30. He performed live with Taylor Swift and trying to connect with Lady Gaga.
  31. He believes Justin Bieber is his true competitor.
  32. He never drunk or smoke in his life.
  33. He has a secret girlfriend from New York.
  34. Hiking and ice hockey are his favorite sports.
  35. He has 2 pet cats, but he also wants a pet lion too.
  36. He has an excellent memory and he never forgets his fans names.
  37. His favorite Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy and his favorite tablet is iPad.
  38. He truly respects his female fans and 70% of his fans are girls.


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    • profile image

      Fergiie Rosales 3 years ago

      One direction,taylor swift,demi lovato,justin bieber,selena gomez,brigith mendler, austin mahon, big time rush.

    • profile image

      awesome 3 years ago

      A lot of those aren't true

    • Quoteslover profile image

      Quotes Lover 3 years ago

      May be you are right pal, but I already mentioned that few of these facts are just the rumors about Austin

    • profile image

      sierra 3 years ago

      ur hotttttt

    • profile image

      mckenzie blackwell 2 years ago

      hey austin i love u i have a lot going on and when i listen to your song shadow and u mash up and all i ever need it makes me feel like i actually matter so thing austin i love you

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