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Sexiest Aussie Male Actor

Updated on December 19, 2016

What are they feeding these handsome Boys?

This article is to explore who are the hottest actors to come out of Australia. And there is more sizzle from the male film actors of Australia than out your local Outback Steak House. So which one is your favorite? We have decades of actors to consider

It probably all began with Mel Gibson in Mad Max. He is a Scotsman so what isn't to love about him? Handsome, talent, articulate and so creative and brilliant. I think America's love affair with Aussie Actors began with Mel Gibson. I particularly remember Mel in The Year of Living Dangerously. I think that is the movie that Mel became a sex symbol. He has a certain intensity and vulnerability about his performances which makes him a super star. Yes, I know it was in 1982 and I am dating myself but this article is about Aussie Actors. Mel has inspired me to eat the Vegemite seven days a week and twice on Sunday.





Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman also is a wonderful actor. He has both the talent for movies but also is a stage actor. He is well disciplined in his craft and is easy on the eyes. Apparently, Hugh has been People's sexist man alive so his hottness may not be exclusive to Australia. The first film I remember Hugh Jackman in was Swordfish with Travolta and Halle Berry. I can't say Jackman has ever disappointted as an actor. Perhaps the best role I saw him in was The Fountain with Rachel Weitz. But I can't say for certain because Jackman has been so good in so many roles including playing a con artist against Ewan McGreggor in Deception which I believe was a short film. Hugh is crafty, the sexiest man alive and a good person all around.

Hugh Jackman Films



Russell Crowe

This guy has it all. Music, rugged good looks and lots and lots of talent. Easily Russell Crowe could be Australia's hottest actor. Crowe has been in so many movies over the last couple of decades it is hard to also pick him out because he has played a character actor as well as a leading man. And he is so talented he can pull off roles from Gladitor to John Nash which are quite opposites. Russle Crowe is like that Teddy bear you rolled up with each night as a child. He is just so adorable. He is just so good looking I could watch him peel potatoes and I would find him fascinating. He is probably the only one I would want to go down under for. No offense to Mel or Hugh but you are readily accessible in Europe.

Russell Crowe Films

Your thoughts and opinions

So I leave it to you my readers to vote for your favorite Autralian Actor. Who do you think is the hottest?

Comments, ratings and feedback are appreciated.

Who is your Australian Actor?

Who do you think is the hottest Australian Actor?

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    • profile image

      JT walters 6 years ago

      Thanks VocalCoach!!

      It seems frivilous but I think it is quite fetching to give the Aussie boys a nice once over. I'm working on other hubs with more serious topics but I have to add some light hearted hubs in the mix. Thanks for the read, comment and review.

      As always,


    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      At first I was tempted to go with russell crowe because he is an enormously great actor. But I think Hugh Jackman gets my vote - not necessarily for acting though he is coming right along. Enjoyed your hub. Great job!

    • profile image

      Jt walters 6 years ago

      He s a very talented person. And happy to oblige.


    • njmanura profile image

      Dr Manura Nanayakkara 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Russel crow is one of my favorite actors. Thanks for nice hub

    • profile image

      Jt Walters 6 years ago

      Hey RJ,

      He is a really interesting person. I really lie him as an actor and as a human being. I would love to hear his music. I probably can get it online but haven't looked yet. In my research on this hub I was surpirsed to find out Viggo Mortenson was not from Australia but in fact was from Manhattan New York. But it is more to love about Viggo and we love these Aussie actors as well.

      Thanks for takingt he time to read, comment and to provide feedback.

      All My Best,


    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I didn't realize that R Crowe had all this stuff going on. Not surpising though as he has so much talent.

    • profile image

      Jt Walters 6 years ago

      Didn't know Alex O'Loughlin was an Aussie but now that you mention him he is quite handsome. Love Jackman as well. They just don't make ugly untalented actors in Autralia?

      Thanks for taking time to read provide comment/ feedback and for your suport. I try to find a balance between entertainment and light heart hubs and those that are deep.




    • dianew profile image

      dianew 6 years ago from Spain

      Great hub, very entertaining. My favourite OZ actor is Alex O'Loughlin, star of the new Hawaii 5.0. and previously of Moonlight and The Shield. I also like Hugh Jackman very much. Keep up the good work!

    • profile image

      Jt Walters 6 years ago

      I think Jackman is the only one of the three that hasn't made anti-semetic remarks. But it seems to sell papers.

      I know people that know Mel and I think it is a lot of over blown stuff. Or atleast I use to know people that knew Mel and he was a really great guy when he was filimng the Passion fo Christ in Rome. He is a good Father and really cares for his family. I know he has had a lot of bad press and there are questions regardingt hings he has done but I think Mel will find himself back producng soemthing really fantastic and everyone will remember why we love Mel so much here.

      All My Best,


    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      Mel has been getting into a lot of hot water. Every since The Passion of the Christ when he came out as anti-semetic. He seems to have issues with his drinking and controlling his temper but I am hoping he will turn his life around. What he needs is a successful movie to get back on track.

      Russell Crowe is pretty talented and I hope to see him some more.

      Hugh Jackman is also quite good. I like his acting, In fact I disliked the movie The Prestage because I was rooting for Jackman's character, not Chris Bale.